Thursday, January 02, 2014

Benefit POREfessional 'Agent Zero Shine' £23.50 7.0g 
Purchased from Boots here 

Being honest, I haven't used Benefit products for a while but I had heard a lot of positive things about the POREfessional primer and the Zero Shine powder. Having used They're Real Mascara following reviews but not liking it I was sceptical to try this. 

When I was in my local Boots store and I walked past the Benefit counter I thought I would try this. I have Oily/Combination skin so always looking to try new products to stop me looking shiny so I was super excited for the MUA to try the product on me. 

Any sign of Oily skin instantly vanished, its like the product soaked up any oil from my skin. I decided to leave the product on whilst I went shopping before I purchased as I wanted a product that lasted a while. I was very impressed and can say it did last, the whole 6 hour or so shopping trip that we had so my mind was definitely made up and I was happy to buy. 

Initially I thought £23.50 was a tad expensive for how small the product is but when I used it at home I realised that you don't need alot of this as a little really does go along way so I do think its great purchase as the product is amazing. 

The product looks pale however when applied to your skin turns translucent so this is fab for any skin tones. 

I love how matte my skin feels after using this and I don't have to worry about being shiny through-out the day, however I do keep this in my bag just in case. As the product is so compact and the brush is inside the base of the product you really don't need much room and is therefore a perfect necessity for any sized handbag!  

Overall I think this product is super amazing and I LOVE THIS! Benefit, I applaud you. I think you have won me back over and I think I will be trying the POREfessional Primer aswell. 

What do you think of the Benefit POREfessional range? 

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  1. This looks fab, I adore the porefessional range!

    *new follower*


  2. I absolutely love the Porefessional primer, so I'm excited to try this!

    Great review. New follower :)

    Jamie |