Friday, January 10, 2014

I have only recently starting wearing eye shadows again, I went through a stage years ago where I used to wear very dramatic make-up then I toned it down and went completely Au-Naturele and now I mix it up abit. 

I have needed (okay wanted) some new eye shadows for a long time but I have never got round to purchasing as I always end up buying other things (I am trying to put a limit on my spending, isn't really going as planned though). 

When round my mothers she told me about this Estee Lauder hamper that she bought (The one where you buy two products and get a massive make-up hamper for about £50 but the products are worth around £250) and she sat through showing me what she got and she shown me this beautiful eye shadow palette. I loved the colours, it was a mixture of all my favourite shades that I like to wear so you could imagine when I was chuffed to pieces when my mum said I could have it (she doesn't wear eye shadows). 

My favourite shades are 2,3, 8, 2, 13 and 15, mainly because I haven't had a play with the other shades. I absolutely love the pigment of these eye shadows and the colours look absolutely beautiful. I think they look even better when used with an eye shadow primer as these really do last all day and the colour looks so pigmented all day. I prefer to use Urban Decay Primer. 

I can't comment on value for money as this was part of a set but the set was certainly value for money and I will certainly be looking out for future Estee Lauder make-up sets. 

What other eye shadow palettes do you love? 

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