Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tangle Teezer, £10.99 Boots

Hmm, how do I start this post. I have never really done a negative post - even though this isn't really negative, just abit moo (as Joey Tribiani would say).

I bought this on impulse after reading so many good reviews, I have really thick (like ridiculously thick) hair and when washed then dried naturally this goes into really big but tight curls. Before you say no it's not lovely its a nightmare, especially as it takes around 4 hours to dry naturally or when I leave to dry over night I wake up looking like Diana Ross. 

Any-who back to the point, I bought this in Boots a couple of weeks ago as part of an impulse buy as I am fed up of brushes pulling or tugging my hair. The only brushes I have found work well are the Denman brushes, even though they are still a bit of a nightmare at times they are better than other brushes. I was really excited about trying this product as so many of my friends (who have a lot thinner hair) rave about this product. 

I have given this product a fair try for about a week or so on dry hair, wet hair, curly hair and straight hair and all I can say is its a brush. I don't think it is any super duper amazing brush that you all must go out and buy as it didn't really make a difference as it does just the same as what my other brush does, so I thought this was a complete waste of money.  

I found this brush still pulled my hair, and you couldn't use it well to straighten your hair (I use a brush as my hair is too thick for a comb). The only positive was it was a lot easier to use when my hair was wet but I still think for the cost of the product I would prefer a brush that I could use in all circumstances.

What did you think about the Tangle Teezer?

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