Mother's Day Gift Box

Sunday, March 30, 2014

This is a bit different to my usual posts however I must admit I am a teeny bit of a secret crafter (in some sense) and I love making things. I always find that on these annual celebratory days like Valentines, Father;s Day or Mother's day that the true meaning has been forgotten and it has became so commercialised and the only focus seems to be on who can buy the biggest present or spend the most money. 

My mum is a huge crafter, she appreciate's handmade gifts and you can tell she loves it when real thought has gone into a present. I never know what to buy my mum as if she wants something she will either make it or buy it so a little light bulb went off in my head as I thought it would be the perfect excuse to make her something lovely that she can keep. I won't tell you what it I am making, I will let you read along.

What you will need:

A plain box (whatever size you want) - £3.25, Paperchase
Paper/Craft Scissors - £2.99, The Range
PVA Craft Glue (I bought one with a small nib) - £1.95, The Range
Tissue Papers (any colour you wish) - £1.50 each, Paperchase
Cute Ribbons for Decoration - £1.95 each, The Range
Cutely decorated paper - Varies, The Paperchase

As my mum loves Paris and a good cup of tea (in a China teacup of course! - she's "proper English") I picked up these cute A3 printed papers from Paperchase, one was printed with French postcards and the other with retro/vintage style tea.

I cut all the individual teacup, tea pot and postcard images out and carefully glued these to the sizes of the boxes in an alternated pattern - I didn't do anything specific really I just put them wherever I thought fit. I also covered the top and sides of the lid again creating a collage rather than the images being neat (this is my personal preference though, you don't have to do this)

I then take one sheet of each of the tissue paper, gently scrumble (strange word I know but it's the best way to describe it) the paper and place in the box mainly to add decoration inside the box.


All you need to do is then pop in some goodies to treat/pamper your mum - once used she can then use the box as a pretty storage box in her boudoir. (these products or product boxes have been used as an example)  

What have you done for Mother's Day this year? Have you been a little creative too?

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  1. This is a great DIY post!!

    Chloe // x

  2. This looks so pretty, I love how it really shows the love and effort you put into making it!x

  3. What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift, I bet your mum felt really lucky xx