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Thursday, March 13, 2014

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick £15.00 each

This isn't really a review as I have always been a big lover of MAC lipsticks especially the Cremesheen one's so this post is more to show you my newbies. There really was no need whatsoever for me to buy any more lipsticks; never mind two but I just couldn't resist these beautiful bright shades.

I don't usually wear pink lipsticks but I saw Pink Pearl Pop sitting on the stand and I just had to have it. The shade looks very "Barbie like" but when worn on it's a subtle pink so it's perfect for both day and night wear without looking too over the top.

I had been after a coral lipstick for a while but I have never found one that I can decide whether I like or not. I first seen Coral Bliss on Milly's Instagram and I just loved the colour, it's more of a peachy coral and isn't too orange which I was great. I had actually been trying to get hold of this for the past few months but every time I went to MAC they had sold out so you could imagine how excited I was when they said that it was in stock.

I told myself before I went into MAC that I would only buy one lipstick, but then I couldn't choose so I decided to have both (Hey, at least I didn't lie about it)

Overall, I really love both of these shades and I would definitely recommend for these lipsticks to be in Spring/Summer make-up bag.

What lipsticks are you currently loving? Are there any shades that you would recommend?

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