Champneys at Home Spa Treatments

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Champneys have created a collection that is designed to give your body that well deserved MOT that you need. With a beautiful selection of products from Bath Salts to Shower Cream and Cellulite Body Massagers to Energising Hydrating Gel.

I was kindly sent the Cellulite Body Massager* (£8.00) and Mineral Detox Firming Hip and Thigh Gel* (£6.00). If you read my last post you will see that I have been dieting recently and I have started a new fitness regime to get healthy and tone myself so I was excited to try these products to help with the firm my thighs and hips.

You apply a small amount of the gel over your thigh's and hips (I also do my bum too but ssh that's a secret) and you use the Cellulite Body Massager to create deep circular motions until the Gel has been absorbed into the skin, this helps stimulates the muscles to remove toxins from your body whilst helping the skin appear firmer and more toned.

I have never had Cellulite so I was a little sceptical about whether this would actually work, I haven't seen a huge difference but my skin does feel softer and firmer and as I have circulation problems within my legs this is great for me to help get the blood flowing.

The ingredients include Patchouli, Lemon Peel Oil and Orange Oil which together smell absolutely divine and is perfect for any home pamper treatment.

I have always been a fan of the Champneys Spa Treatments at home as they smell gorgeous, the products great and the prices are super affordable. I personally don't think I will re-purchase the Firming Hip and Thigh Gel but I do love the Body Massager, especially as it helps with my circulation in my legs.

Are there any Champneys products that you would recommend?

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