Product of the Week #01

Monday, April 14, 2014

Crystal Clear 10 Minute Glow | £24.99* | Link

I admit that I had only received this product on Thursday and I have only used this once so  I don't know if it counts as being a product of the week but this product really is amazing and I love it already!  

The product says that it will give you radiant, hydrated and stunning skin in just 10 minutes. 

You apply a thin layer of the product over your face (and neck if you wish) and leave for 10 minutes. When applied the product is a clear gel like fluid but you slowly feel the product harden to create a thin mask over your face that reminded me a little of PVA glue.

Once the 10 minutes is up all you need to do to remove the product is peel! (if you used to play with PVA glue at school you will imagine how much fun I had removing this) I peeled from my neck/jawline upwards and the product was easily removed in seconds with very little residue left behind. 

Once removed my skin honestly felt amazing! It felt soft, clean, hydrated with a little glow across my face which I loved as I have circulation problems meaning my skin often looks dull and grey-ish. The product recommends to use this once a week to get the best results and I certainly will be, I would use this every day if I could just because I absolutely loved the results. 

I am very impressed with this product overall, you don't need a lot of it so I would imagine this would last a while and I am guessing that this is suitable for most skin types (I have really sensitive combination skin and this worked great with me). The price is a little more than I would normally expect to pay but as I know the product works wonders I would be happy to repurchase as this really is a little beauty hence me picking this as my favourite product of the week. 

Have you tried the Crystal Clear range? What other peel off face mask's do you recommend?

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