Naked Rescue

by - Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If I am honest I had never heard about the Naked Rescue Haircare range, I was strolling through Boots in search of a natural-ish Shampoo and Conditioner as my scalp is really sensitive I often find perfumed haircare irritates my skin. 

The Naked Rescue Haircare range come in a variety of different scents for different hair types, the price is between £3-£4 each however I managed to pick these up on Boot's 3 for 2 range so it worked out a little cheaper. I picked two shampoo's as I always shampoo twice soI chose one to help with my sensitive scalp and one to help with my thick frizzy hair and an intense conditioner to help the ends of my hair.

One thing that caught my eye with these products is the packaging, even though the front of the bottles are quite simple I just love the cute and quirky notes on the back especially with the cute pictures. Each bottle has a message about how it works and what the product aim's to do as well as a review from a customer which I think is a fab idea. 

All Naked Rescue products are Cruelty Free as you will see above there is the Bunny logo printed and again another cute quirky message. The products are also suitable for Vegetarian's and Vegans and all packaging is recyclable. 

The scent of each product is divine, I really think you can tell the difference between natural scented Shampoo's and fragranced Shampoo's as the scent is so much nicer. These Shampoo's smell very similar to the Aveda haircare range and the results are also very similar. I use the Sensitive Scalp Shampoo first and then the Intense Care Shampoo second, I find that the first wash doesn't really create much of a lather but you can feel your hair get cleaner. The Conditioner is a beautiful thick consistency which I leave on for between 2-3 minutes and gently rinse.

I absolutely love these products and I am so pleased that I have found products that don't irritate my skin and they don't cost a fortune. My scalp is not irritated after use and my hair feels so clean and soft afterwards, I have also noticed that my hair doesn't get as greasy as quick which I don't know if it's because I have found products that work or if they just clean my hair better but whatever it is I like it :)

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