MAC Brow Set in 'Show Off'

Saturday, June 07, 2014


I often find brow products hit or miss, I either love something or I hate it - even if it usually takes me about a week of using it to decide. For some reason I went off Benefit Gimme Brow after about two weeks as it ran out pretty quick and I thought it wasn't worth the money so I decided to pick up and try MAC Brow Set (£13.00)

MAC Brow Set come in three shades - Clear, Beguile (Blonde-Light Brown) and Show Off (Brunette-Dark Brown). If you live in the US there is also another shade available called Girl Boy (Medium Brown) - I don't understand why this other shade isn't available in the UK though. 

The consistency is a gel formula which you brush on to the brows to add shape, style and definition. The product isn't flaky and it doesn't harden which I love as my brows still feel natural. With the tinted products it is easy to fill in any gaps and is easy to build to create a fuller-thicker brow but you can also use a minimal amount of product to create a natural look.

I didn't take any pictures as my brows desperately need doing as I am slowly growing them out to have a new shape so I thought I would save you photos of the slugs and just show you what the product looks like on skin - it will of course look a little different on your brows. 

MAC also say that this product is perfect for grooming lashes, sideburns and facial hair so I guess this product is suitable for both sexes. The quality of the product is amazing, I definitely prefer it to the products I used to use (Benefit Gimme Brow and HD Brows). The value is pretty reasonable at £13 and is within similar price range to other high street brow products which is good for MAC considering they have just had a price increase.

Do you use MAC Brow Set? Would you look to try this product instead of your current brow product?

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  1. This sounds so good, I really wish the medium brown was available in the UK, as I think this would be the shade I need, great review!

    1. Yeah I really wish I got the medium brown but this is only slightly darker so it's manageable :) x