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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Usually, I never find anything I really like in my local Primark and I get really envious when I see other people's amazing finds over the internet. However recently I have found a couple of little wonders on the shelves and I must say I am quite chuffed with my purchases. 

Monochrome Envelope Clutch £8
Monochrome has always and will always be 'in' within the fashion world, I had been lusting over a printed clutch like this for a while as I had seen them in magazines from other high street stores with a bigger price tag, I love this clutch as it will go with a lot and it' also quite big (just a big smaller than A4) so it will be able to fit a lot in.

Floral Hair Clip £3
I just love the concept of an old fashioned hair clip with pretty flowers attached that you can just slide into your hair wherever you want and it will brighten up your hair and make it look that little more special. For the value, this is a wonderful little accessory that is definitely worth picking up. 

Cherise Floral Head Crown £4
Floral head crowns are the must have accessory every summer, there is a variety of head crowns out there that will suit every price range. The most expensive I have seen is £35, which I for one begrudge paying no matter how pretty it was. When I seen this for a small percentage of the price I just had to have it, even if I will hardly ever wear it I hardly broke the bank and it is super cute.

Floral Bun Wrap £2
I don't actually know if that's the right name but that's all I can call it. I love putting my hair up in a big bun or top knot, but I do often feel that the style looks very lazy and boring - maybe because my hair is not that exciting. This little accessory is subtle but effective and brightens up a simple hair style.

Pastel Statement Necklace £6
I for one LOVE a good statement necklace, the only thing is if you wear them often enough they turn your neck green. But with that in mind, you can pick up some lovely statement necklaces at affordable prices. I was lusting over this particular necklace since Primark popped a photo on their IG page so you can imagine I was super chuffed when I found this in store. I loved it that much I had to take two photo's to show you just how pretty this was.

Double Chain Dainty Heart Necklace £3
When I am not wearing a statement necklace I love a cute and simple necklace, Primark have recently had a burst of double chain necklaces and I am loving it. No doubt this will also turn green shortly but for a couple of quid it's super cute to wear and will also look lovely layered with more necklaces.

Have you picked up any bits from Primark recently? Will you be picking up any of the bits featured in this post?

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  1. I love all of these, they look so pretty. The other week I picked up some some flower hair grips, and everything is just such a steal. Great post.

    Gaby x

    1. Aw thank you :)
      They are so pretty! I am impressed with their hair accessories at the minute

      Charley x

  2. Oh the floral crown! Perfect! I nearly bought it but decided it would match my wardrobe! Not much that colour! But I love my floral crowns so much!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  3. I love the purse and flower crowns! So pretty. Some great finds. x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter