Real Techniques - Stippling and Powder Brush

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Real Techniques brushes have rapidly become the favourite brush within the blogger world, if you haven't tried them you really are missing out. Real Techniques were created by Sam and Nic Chapman who are not only sisters but they are also make-up artists, bloggers and vloggers themselves so they know exactly what we are looking for in a make-up brush. 

Real Techniques brushes contain synthetic taklon bristles which are super soft and 100% cruelty free. All of the Real Techniques brushes are colour coded with the key steps of make-up application. The golden coloured brushes are to create a flawless base, the purple brushes are to enhance your eyes and the pink brushes are to create a perfect finish.

Real Techniques say that the collection is suitable for every make-up need - from powders to creams, liquids to mineral make-up, highlighter, blush and shimmer. The brush head is hand-cut to the perfect shape for allowing a precise application from dense coverage to a soft and delicate finish and each brush is named to help during make-up application. Link

I have been using Real Techniques brushes for a while, if you haven't got Real Techniques brushes in your make-up collection I would recommend you trying the Core Collection as this will have every brush you need to get started. I wanted to add to my collection so I picked up the Powder Brush (£12.99) and the Stippling Brush (£11.99) from Boots.

I had been wanting to try the Stippling Brush for a while and I find this is perfect for creating a flawless look with your foundation, I didn't really like this brush with liquid foundations as I found it left lines but I love this with a more moose like textured foundation. 

The Powder Brush was more of an impulse buy as I have a couple of powder brushes but I was drawn to the brush because it looked amazing, it is quite a large powder brush unlike my other powder brushes and I just had to have it. The brush really is as good as it looks, it applies just the right amount of powder without it being over powering and the large brush head allows you to cover more of your face in one application. This has rapidly become my favourite powder brush and I don't think any other brush will be able to apply powder like this one does. 

Have you got these brushes in your make-up collection? Will you be trying any of the Real Techniques collection?

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  1. I have both these brushes, I use the stippling for my liquid foundation and I don't know how I ever lived without it. One of the people I follow on my bloglovin said the stippling brush is really good for blush aswell. I don't really like the powder brush it makes me cringe, I don't know why.


    1. Oh really? I didn't get on with it with my liquid foundation, probably doing it wrong haha! xx

  2. I got the core collection and have never looked back, but the only down side is that the foundation brush is a little small, a part from that they are wonderful.

    Gaby x