Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

by - Saturday, July 05, 2014

I am not going to lie, I am a sucker for a magazine freebie and I just had to pick up Glamour Magazine when I see they had a full sized Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner worth £12 for free (this was a couple of months go now). 

So this eyeliner had been raved about by so many people, and according to Eyeko website Alexa Chung said 'The nib on it is the perfect shape and size and it gives you control. It gives you such precision and it's the easiest thing I find to use when I am drawing on eyeliner, which you know I am addicted to'.  

I needed a new eyeliner so I was a little excited about trying this product, the ingredients include Sodium Hyaluronate which is supposed to be moisturising and the eyeliner has a paraben free formula and is said to have intense single-stroke colour, easy application, long lasting and smudge/fade free. 

Sadly I thought this was a major anti-climax as the eyeliner wasn't that great. I tested it on my hand above; the one on the left was using it as a flat nib and applying a lot of pressure and the one on the right is how I would normally use eyeliner. I found that this eyeliner has a really poor pigmentation and it seemed like it had dried up, I thought that I might have got a dodgy one but after searching on twitter and other blogs it appears others had this issue too so I am guessing this is just the eyeliner. The eyeliner appearance was even worse when used on top of eye shadow as you could barely see the eyeliner unless you applied a lot of pressure which just created a thick bold line that isn't really suitable for your eyes.

To say that this eyeliner is supposed to be easy to apply, long lasting and smudge proof I am really unable to agree as I did not get on with this at all. I normally love a thin feminine eyeliner look but I found it really difficult to create this look or any look for that matter. The eyeliner is at an average price of £12 but after seeing the results of the product I really wouldn't purchase this.

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