The Acne Diaries: My New Journey

by - Thursday, July 10, 2014

For those who have seen my other posts in the Acne Diary series you will know I have a skin struggle, I have been trying different things for years and it has been getting on top of me. As I am planning a wedding, I have decided enough is enough as I am done trying different remedies that don't work so I plucked up the courage and went to the doctors to ask for a more permanent solution. 

There are many types of Acne so don't ever try medication or gel/liquids without seeing your doctor as you don't want to get one that is going to make things worse. My doctor have advised that I have a combination of Cystic Acne and inflamed acne. 

Cystic Acne is large bumps that are under the skin, they are filled with a pus like fluid underneath the skin but you won't be able to squeeze it out and they can be quite painful. These Cysts can take a while to go away and can cause scarring as they are deep in the skin. I tend to get these along my jawline near my glands, they tend to come back as the bacteria is still in the tissue in under your skin. The worst thing you can do is squeeze these, don't ever think about it - as hard as it can be as you can spread the bacteria which can cause more Cysts.

Inflamed Acne is when your pores clog, so this may have started as a whitehead or black head and it can get infected or irritated and becomes inflamed. The appearance is red and the skin around the acne is swollen and can also be painful. This type of acne is not filled with pus usually but can should this get infected. Again don't squeeze these as more than likely it will scar or the bacteria will spread and will cause a furthr breakout.

I was prescribed two treatments to try, one is an tablet antibiotic and another is a gel fluid to try for the next 4 weeks, the doctors have only given me a month prescription for now as they want to see how I get on with them. Depending on the results if things are starting to improve then they may make the decision to keep me on antibiotics for between 12 and 18 months or they may be referring me to a dermatologist to complete further tests and possibly a more intense treatment. 

Lymecycline capsules is used to treat and reduce acne by reducing the growth of bacteria in and under the skin. You have to take one capsule every day around the same time, they recommend you taking it in the mornings but it is personal preference. This medicine usually takes around 8 weeks to start having a noticeable results.

Epiduo is a cream-gel formula which is a branded name for Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide is available as a cream or a gel and is used either once or twice a day depending on doctors recommendations. It works best when applied around 20 minutes after cleansing or washing your face and it should be used sparingly as it too much of this product can irritate your skin.

As Benzoyl Peroxide can have a bleaching effect you need to be careful on bed linen, hair and clothes. It also makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight so you may need to avoid natural sun and UV lighting and wear a higher protection sun cream when in contact with the sun. This treatment usually takes around 6 weeks to have noticeable results. 

Full information on Acne and Acne treatment can be found at NHS which is the website the doctors have recommended me reading so I understand my condition in more depth to ensure I can control and treat it the best I can. 

I hold my hands up, I did get a little emotional when speaking to the doctors. Acne can be quite a personal and emotional subject, for me personally it has effected me in so many different ways and it has effected my confidence and personal life - Even when I am on holiday I am unable to wear a bikini without wearing a kimono or shawl to cover the Acne on my back or even at social or public events I am unable to wear a top that reveals any part of my back. I am not saying this for sympathy but for anyone else who suffers from Acne, I know how you feel as I have felt embarrassed, I have had a lack of confidence and I have felt fed up as I had tried practically everything but I am hoping this new skin journey is what I need to improve my skin and to get my confidence back and I really hope these posts could help you too. 

I would love to know if you find these posts are helpful and if you would like me to cover anything.

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