The Acne Diaries: Two Week Update

by - Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's come that time that I provide you my first official update within my Acne Diaries series since starting my course of treatment. If you read my previous posts you will know that I was prescribed Lymecycline which is an oral antibiotic taken in a tablet form and Benzoyl Peroxide which is a gel based lotion that you apply on your skin. 

Before Treatment

Before I started my treatment my skin was very delicate and without make-up the appearance was very red and inflamed even though there wasn't necessarily any blemishes. My skin had a lot of scar tissue but occasionally when a few blemishes appeared they were very red and had a solid texture as they were more of an under skin blemish. My skin was often sore and the tissue around my jawline was thick and felt clogged.

After 10 Days

You  can see that my skin became very red and sore, the surface of my skin felt sensitive and burnt and it became very uncomfortable to even wash my face. The doctors advised this was from the Benzoyl Peroxide as it effectively is bleach and it had caused irritation to my skin, despite my skin being red and being really dry and tight, the tissue around my jawline did feel less clogged but was still very sensitive. 

After 14 Days

After my visit at the doctors they advised to stop the Benzoyl Peroxide for 5 days and apply a Diprobase Cream which is a bland emollient to repair and add moisture back to my skin. I have stopped using the Benzoyl Peroxide for 5 days now so will be re-starting tomorrow however the doctors have advised to only use this one day on and one day off and in between apply the Diprobase Cream on the off day to start repairing my skin to prevent it becoming as irritated.

Now my skin has repaired itself from the irritation you can see the difference in my skin's appearance, it is a long way from perfect or where I want it to be but you can see my skin is not as red or inflamed and the tissue around my jawline does not feel as congested and feels like it may finally be on the road to repair.

I am starting the Benzoyl Peroxide treatment again tomorrow and I am also returning to the doctors again in around two weeks so I will keep you updated with my progress and hopefully this continues to improve. I do have a long way to go before my skin is healed and the doctors have already advised this could be around 12 - 18 month journey but hopefully this works. 

Anyone who suffers from Acne will understand that it is a personal subject so I really hope these posts are helpful, if there is anything you wish to ask or want to know please feel free to comment and I will response or if you prefer to ask a question more privately you can email me at 

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