Wedding: DIY Bridesmaid Boxes

by - Sunday, July 06, 2014

For those who don't know I am getting married next October, and I am also a secret crafter. I absolutely love making unique things for people as gifts or just for me for no reason what so ever. I wanted to do something extra special to ask my bridal party to be there on my special day. I am a sucker for Pinterest mood boards and I came across some beautiful boxes to ask your girls/guys to be your bridesmaids/bridesmans, having looked on Etsy and eBay I found that to buy these they were so expensive and they were not really personal so I decided to make them. 

So what you will need:

Square Boxes from Paperchase, £3.25 each (Come in a variety of colours)

Delicate paper cut outs from The Range, £3.99

Tissue Paper from Paperchase, £1.99

Craft Scissors, Craft Lace, Crafters Glue, Craft Ribbon and Wooden Heart Pegs all The Range between £2-£10 each. 

Little gifts to add to the box - I picked up a drink for each box, a tube of chocolates, pocket tissues, lip butter and a pamper treat.

For the decoration on the front of the box I apply the lace paper heart to the centre of each box applied with a thin layer of crafts glue. I also applied two ribbons across the box to add a bit more decoration, one was vertical and one was horizontal and both applied with craft glue. 

I repeated this process for all three boxes as I chose for these boxes to be the same - of course you can do whatever you like on your boxes as it is personal preferance but I thought I would show you step by step of what I did for my girls :)

For the inside of the box I scrunched up some tissue paper, I chose pink and I layered it in the box to create a base for the products to sit on. It did irritate me that the inside of the boxes were different colours however I forgot to buy paint to cover the inside so I just decided to leave them as they were.

I attached small luggage labels with a cute message on each one and put all of the products in the box. 

I had previously ordered these cute cards from Etsy - Link to add a final touch to the boxes. I thought these were super cute and all come on a shimmered card. 

I then added a white shimmer to the wooden hearts using a paint pad from The Range. And used the pegs to seal the envelope - mainly because I am fussy and it annoys me if the envelope was to be sealed properly haha.

For the information cards I wrote out different paragraphs on Microsoft Word and printed a copy of these for each box. I taken inspiration from Pinterest as to what should be on the information card's but the content was hand written and tailored to suit my requirements.

I cut the text out but in different sizes so I could layer them (you will see what I mean below) and I stuck these to brown card, I just picked up some blank brown cards from The Range to do this.

After laying them all together I added a small piece of lace ribbon on each buddle to add the finishing touches. 

I added the card from earlier with this and clipped them all together with the heart peg clip.

I then added some more tissue paper on top of the products to stop them moving around - especially as one was being shipped abroad I didn't want anything to get damaged!

I finished by wrapping the boxes in brown parcel paper which you can pick up from any post office or stationary store and I added a personalised message on a larger luggage tag to ensure I give the right box to the right person and I also added these cute Made with Love tags which I picked up from Sainsburys (they are for Kilner Jam Jars I believe but it does the trick!) And Voila! my boxes were ready to be handed out :) I still have a couple of boxes to make which are different to these but with a similar style so I will be sharing these within the near future.

I hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, I hope to be posting more shortly throughout the planning of my wedding and other little DIY projects that I will have. I would love to hear your comments/thoughts on this new series and if there is anything you would like me to answer or post about. 

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  1. I'm far away from getting married but these boxes look so cute and lovely! Congrats to you! xx

  2. Congratulations! These look amazing and it's lovely that their homemade too! xxx

  3. This is a really cute idea! I think its important to make bridesmaids feel special and this way of asking is perfect! xx

    Along Came Kelly x

  4. Aw these boxes are amazing! Just what I would like if I was a bridesmaid! Love crafty posts like these x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. This is such a lovely and thoughtful idea, I love DIY's (and although I'm not getting married so won't be trying it out anytime soon), I really enjoyed this post - great images! :)

    Frankie x

  6. These are so cute!! I'm getting married in August this year and am not actually having Bridesmaids but if I was I would have definitely copied this idea :)

    Helen x

  7. That is an amazing thing which you have done there. Can't wait to read more of your wedding posts xx

    Who is She