What Have I Been Up To... #2

Friday, July 11, 2014

So I have been a bad blogger again as I have been slacking with my blogging recently. I have been so busy with spending some well needed time with friends and family and planning exciting things!

"What are these exciting things I hear you ask?" Well I have booked a consultation to meet with my wedding dress designer within the next few weeks to start planning my amazing dress! (eeekkk just a little bit excited!) and me and Maz are also starting to plan some little details around our wedding and over the weekend we are going to meet a goldsmiths to make our rings too (a little more excitement!) so if you have been following my old posts or following me on twitter you will know that last year was practically a write off for me and Maz so you can imagine how excited we are to finally get our lives back on track.

That leads me onto my next news, for those who don't know Maz spent the majority of last year in hospital as his Cystic Fibrosis deteriorated and he also caught pneumonia, throughout numerous amounts of medication and treatment he was referred for a double lung transplant however we was awaiting further testing to see if he would need a liver transplant as well. These tests took slightly longer than planned as he also developed a hernia which had to be operated on so we have only just been able to return to Papworth Hospital for his Transplant Review this week. We attended on Wednesday and if I am honest I was a little sceptical about what to expect, especially after how much his health had yo-yo'ed last year but we was given some amazing news! 

The surgeon and the transplant consultant have said they are pleased with his progress and how his health appears to now be steady and they now feel that he doesn't need to be added to the list yet and we will meet again in 6 months time to review again. We was ecstatic! This really was a weight off our shoulders, they were happy for us to carry on with our lives and continue planning our wedding and should the time come next year when he needs to be added to the transplant list then we would be able to suspend this around our wedding. So after all this recent exciting news me, Maz and my family went out for a meal to celebrate and I thought I would show you what I wore...

Chiffon Cami: New Look £12.99
White Blazer: Primark £19
Amelie Ripped Jeans: River Island £40
Dainty Necklaces: Primark £3
Fushia Pink Pointed Heels: Primark £9
Monochrome Clutch: Primark £6
White Nail Polish: Barry M £2.99

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  1. Aww that is fantastic news, I am so happy for you both! And so exciting about your wedding dress, having something that you envision with be so wonderful.

    Your jeans and shoes are fab by the way, primark shoes are just unreal!

    Georgie xx

    .this other story