Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

by - Sunday, August 10, 2014

I for one occasionally suffer from really dry lips, mainly because I have really sensitive skin so anything I put on my lips can dry them out quicker. I tend to avoid balms like Vaseline and Nivea as I find they make my lips more dry so it doesn't solve the problem, and so my search begun! 

I was kindly sent a range of skincare products by Clinique and within this was the Superbalm Lip Treatment* I was super excited to try this as it looked amazing so I was hoping that this would be as good as it looks. 

Clinique say that this lip treatment is deeply hydrating and helps repair dry, distressed lips and replenishes moisture loss. Superbalm Lip Treatment contains rich emollients to comfort your lips and gives a satiny-smooth look and feel.

I religiously use this product twice a day, once in the morning when applying my make-up before applying my gloss or lipstick and once in the evening before I go bed or after I have pampered myself. My lips feel instantly hydrated once the product is applied without leaving a greasy overly glossed look like other balms can, this product works great as a base coat to lipsticks or gloss or you can wear without just for a boost of hydration. 

After about 3 days I noticed a massive difference to my lips and I noticed that they were not as dry or sore and this really helped repair my skin and I can now wear lipstick without it looking all bumpy. And when I don't use this product I notice my lips start to get dry again.

The price is slightly more than average at £13.00 but I have been using this a couple of months now and there is a lot of product left so in this case a little really does go along way. This is my handbag necessity throughout the year but as we are now coming up to the chapped lips season I would definitely recommend you picking this up if you suffer from dry lips like me.  This product for me is a saviour! And I can't wait to try more Clinique products in future as so far each one has impressed me.

What are you favourite lip products? Will you be picking this beauty up?

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