High-End vs High-Street: Matte Primer

by - Friday, August 08, 2014

As an oily/combination skinned girl, summer and hot days especially can make my face appear shiner than usual and almost feels like my make-up is sliding off my face. My necessity product throughout Spring/Summer has got to be a mattifying primer, there are just so many out there to suit different skin types it's important to ensure you find the right one for you. I have tried powders to gels, silicone feel primers to liquid powders and there's some others that I have tried too. 

Personally for me when you have oily/combination skin then silicone based primers are the ones I avoid, despite them making my skin appear and look matte they don't tend to last long and I feel my make-up sliding off my face during the day and my skin feels stodgy if that make's sense. I much prefer a liquid/creamy product that has a matte finish as I find these light wearing and they last long too, and if I need a little extra finish over my make-up I will apply a small dust of translucent powder over my t-zone. 

These are two of my favourite primers, they are very similar products with a similar texture and finish and they both do the trick! What more could you want. I can often be a make-up snob and that's mainly due to me finding so many high street products that reacted with my skin so I stuck with the high end brands that I know and love but with products like these I am starting to be drawn back to high street products after all.

Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer - Link is retailed at £23.50 for a 30ml which for a high end product is pretty reasonable, the product comes in an easy squeeze tube which is easy for application and as you can see by the left example above the product is a creamy liquid in a medium texture which is great for coverage without being too heavy on your skin. The product dries clear and contains natural products including Vitamin E and Green Tea which helps calm and soothe your skin, this is great for me as I have sensitive skin and this works well with me. This product is great under foundation, powder or even on its own and instantly reduces shine and leaves your skin feeling fresh with a matte finish.

MaxFactor Facefinity All Day Primer - Link is retailed at £10.99 for a 30ml which for a high street product is slightly more expensive than other drugstore products. In a pump applicator this product is really easy to apply and avoids messy fingers, again this product is a creamy liquid and is also in a medium texture - see the example on the left. This product dries clear and is great to help your make-up stay in place for longer with liquid, powder, moose or even on it's own. It also contains SPF 20 - WINNER!

Overall I love both of these primers and I tend to mix and match on a daily basis between these for no reason what so ever, being honest I would be more drawn to the Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer as I am a high end snob but I do love both of them and if you have either oily, combination or even normal skin then I would recommend both of these to you depending on your preference :)

Are there any primers that you would recommend? 

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  1. These both sound good - I've only been trying silicone ones so will need to give these a try x

    Jasmin Charlotte