The Versatile Blogger Award

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I was delighted to receive the news that I had been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Georgia at Teacups 'n Makeup and Daisy at Daisies and Delights. I want to say thank you to both of these lovely ladies as both of their blogs are favourites of mine and I was so chuffed to have been nominated by not one but two people. 

So what is the Versatile Blogger Award I hear you ask, well it is an award that is given to you from your blogger peers for writing quality posts that have touched or helped them, having good quality photographs or just being unique in the subjects you cover. This award is to honour the bloggers who bring something special to your life and stand out to you.

Once you have been nominated or the award, it's then your turn to choose 15 people who you think are worthy of the award and post 7 interesting facts about yourself too.

7 Interesting Facts About Me:

1. I am 1/4 Chinese 
2. I bought my first house at 22 years old
3. I am obsessed with American Crime Drama's and Programmes
4. I am planning my wedding for 2015 (eeekkk)
5. I am so close to my mum, literally if she wasn't my mum she would be my bridesmaid!
6. Family means the world to me.
7. I treat my dog like my baby, that's because he is! 

15 Bloggers I am Nominating Are:

1. Sean from Mr Makeup Blog

He shows that a guy can wear make-up and look good too. His posts are fab! From teeth whitening to botox, from tanning to beauty products he covers everything. You will not be disappointed.

2. Sophia from Sophia Meola

A favourite of mine in the beauty blogger world. She is completely unique and has a gorgeous layout on her blog. Her posts are always so informative and always include beautiful photos.

3. Chris from cbailey31

A little different from your beauty and fashion blogs but I am a secret nerd and I love reading his book reviews and posts. If you are a book lover too he is definitely worth checking out!

4. Emma from My Pale Skin

I love Emma's posts, her photo's are beautiful and she is a natural beauty that shares her tips and favourite products. I love reading her posts, she also has a YouTube channel too.

5. Laura from Girl Talk With Laura

A fashion blogger with amazing style. I love her posts and seeing what outfits she puts together, she make's it look easy! Her Instagram is also a favourite of mine with beautiful photos of her style.

6. Beth from Miss Beauty Obsession

She isn't just a beauty blogger as she posts about a variety of subjects that always keep me engaged. She has such a tidy and easy to read blog which I just love.

7. Beth from Bethany Worrall

I love reading Beth's posts, they are all written so well and always keep me engaged.

8. Antionette from Letters To A

This beautiful lady is one of my all time favourite bloggers, her posts are amazing and cover her thoughts, trips, shopping and so much more. She always rights about interesting subjects and I always look forward to reading her next posts.

10. Paige from Paiges Preferences

I love Paige's blog, her posts vary but the quality is always fab. Her photos are clear and her content shows her personality.

9. Nicole from Sleek Chic

Nicole has such a cute and quirky style. She always has fab outfit post and detailed product reviews.

11. Zoe from Zoe Newlove

I absolutely love Zoe's style and photography skills. Her blog is just fabulous and her make-up skills are amazing.

12. Jessica from Coffee and Cosmetics

A lovely, friendly and fun blogger. She regularly posts about a variety of subjects and I always enjoy reading them.

13. Ellis from Ellis Tuesday

Ellis' blog is so simple yet so chic, it's so easy to read and she always writes detailed product reviews.

14. Heidi from Heidi Likes

I love Heidi's style both fashion and blogging wise. You also need to check out her Instagram as she posts regularly on there too.

15. Ellie from Ellie's Ramblings

I love reading Ellie's posts and reviews, her content is details but clear and her photos are beautiful. She also has a super pretty Instagram page.

All of the above are fabulous bloggers that I would recommend you checking out. They are certainly all favourites of mine and are all different and individual in their own way, and their posts are all of high quality and their posts are always a pleasure to read. They are all lovely and friendly people and definitely worthy of the Versatile Blogger Award.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you've been nominated then well done - you now need to write a post nominating 15 bloggers of your choice and post 7 interesting facts about yourself. 

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  1. Really fun to get to know you a bit better! How cool that you are part Chinese! And you got your first house at 22? Wowza! I am 27 and still renting :-( I am also planning my wedding for 2015 by the way. What's your date?

    1. Hehe indeed I am thank you, I am planning (fingers crossed) October 2015 we are getting married in Southern Spain and hopefully completing our venue booking when we go in September :D eek exciting. When are you getting married? x

  2. Thank you Charley. I appreciate your vote...

    keep up the good work