What I've Been Up To #03

by - Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Well I bet you are wondering who this stranger is writing this blog post - I know I know, I have been a really and I mean really bad blogger! I know I say this everytime but I have been super busy I didn't even realise August had started. 

But I finally have something to look forward to as me and my fiancé have finally booked our first holiday since buying our house two years ago. *YIPPEE* We are going to Javea which is on the South Coast of Spain as I have family out there so it will be lovely to spend time with them and stop at their beautiful home and we are also going to view and potentially book our wedding venue! Super YIPPEE! Yes you guessed it we are getting married in Spain and if all goes to plan we will be getting married next October so I have a year to plan, organise and grow up before the big day :)

One thing I want to rant about is that Maz needs to have Oxygen during any flight (for those who don't know Maz has Cystic Fibrosis so if you've read my previous posts this should make sense) however I was completely oblivious that you actually have to pay for this! - I KNOW. And it doesn't come cheap as it's £100 each way even though it is a short flight, obviously we have paid it as it is something he unable to travel without but I really thought it was disgusting that airlines charge that amount of money each way just for a disabled person to have support in flight. It's therapeutic oxygen so it's slightly purer than air oxygen and it will be administered at the level of recommendation by his nurse but I really was so shocked that it would cost us so much. Is it just me or does this seem a little unfair? Especially because it's not everyday you will have a passenger that is Oxygen dependant but hey ho we can't change it. Rant over! :)

I've also started a new workout regime which I am really enjoying (despite me aching! ahah) and it can all be done from the comfort of your own home, it is an app called FitStar and it is a personal trainer app that has real video's of your personal trainer and it includes many tips and routines that you can enjoy and he talks and motivates you throughout. With this I am also starting a whole new healthy regime as I have stopped Slimming World because I came to a stop with my weight as I think my body was getting used to it and I think this is because you can still be naughty if you count it in your syns. Don't get me wrong it is fab for weight-loss as I have lost just under a stone and kept it off but I really want to get fit and healthy so I am starting a new lifestyle journey to completely change my body and get healthy, toned and happy! Keep your eye's peeled and I will keep you posted with my progress :)

What have you been up to recently? Do you have any exciting plans for the rest of the year?

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