Mark Hill Press Launch

Thursday, September 04, 2014

I was absolutely chuffed to have been invited to Mark Hill's new product launch of hair care and hair electrical products in time for Christmas. The whole evening was full of excitement and laughter, me and my fiancé made our way down to Bafta 195 in Piccadilly and upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely ladies at Kilpatrick PR and butlers with vodka cocktails or champagne. 

We were shown around the venue and the displays of the new Mark Hill products. Whilst learning about the new range of products that will be released in time for Christmas we were offered some delicious canapés and more cocktails. 

Mark Hill Gorgeous Brunette Gift Set £10.00 (also comes in Blonde)
Mark Hill Shine Enhancing Shampoo
Mark Hill Highlight Reflecting Conditioner
Mark Hill Anti-Humidity Shine Spray
Mark Hill Fabulous Finish Hairspray 

Mark Hill MiracOILicious Treat Collection £10.00
MiracOILicious Nourishing Miracle Oil
MiracOILicious Nourishing Shampoo
MiracOILicious Nourishing Conditioner
MiracOILicious Intensive Conditioner 

Mark Hill Wild Hot Wand - Limited Edition £59.99
Mark Hill Root Booster £5.29
Mark Hill 12-in-1 Wonder Hair Spray £6.45

Mark Hill Root Booster £5.29
Mark Hill 12-in-1 Wonder Hair Spray £6.45

Whilst I was at the event I was fortunate to get my hair styled using some of the products set to be released by one of the lovely stylists from the Mark Hill Hair team.

The products above is what the stylist used to create my look, the products are Mark Hill Wild Hot Wand,  Mark Hill 12-in-1 Wonder Hair Spray and Mark Hill Root Booster. I absolutely loved my hair afterwards, it was so big and bouncy - I certainly felt like Cheryl Cole (shame I don't look like her too but hey ho... right get back on point Charley). If you have thick hair like me and are looking for a curling product that will work well with your hair and will keep your curls in tact then this is definitely the product that you will need to pick up this Christmas.

I couldn't resist jumping into the Mark Hill Bafta photo booth! Hehe :o) After more cocktail drinking and canapé eating we were shown to one of the screens and we were given popcorn and sat within a private pre-screening of 'They Came Together' this is due to be released at the end of September. I had a fabulous evening and I felt very privileged to have been invited to this launch and I couldn't thank Kilpatrick for a wonderful evening.

Will you be picking up any of Mark Hill's new products? Which ones do you have your eye on?

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