Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand

by - Monday, November 10, 2014

There isn't a style I love more than big voluminous curls, I forever lust over Rosie - The Londoner hair as it just always looks gorgeous! Sadly for me, I have super thick hair and curls never usually stay in for very long. I have searched far and wide for curlers that work well on my hair and actually stay in and it had to be something that I can use myself. 

I was very fortunate to have been invited to the Mark Hill Launch and I was introduced to some amazing products, one of them I was kindly gifted too at the event. Ladies and gent's I introduce you to Mark Hill's Limited Edition Wild Waver Hot Wand...

The Limited Edition Wild Waver Hot Wand has a ceramic barrel and can heat up to 200 degrees in a matter of seconds, means you can have smooth defined waves literally straight away. Mark Hill say you don't need to be a professionally trained stylist to create this look or to use this tool and this is just perfect for me as I am a complete amateur. 

I have used the photo's from the event as being honest, I preferred the photos (haha) but you can see below the end results. 


Mark Hill Limited Edition Wild Waver Hot Wand £59.99*

I absolutely LOVE this took and it is something I can use myself quite easily, I plan to start doing YouTube video's shortly so when I eventually get round to it I will upload a tutorial using the MH Wand but in the mean time if you want to pick one up you will be pleased to know they are currently half price at Boots which means they are only £29.99 - Link 

Do you use any of Mark Hill products? Are you going to pick up this product? 

*NB: This is not a sponsored post and I have not been financially rewarded by Boots to advertise their offer on the featured product. I have however was gifted the Mark Hill Wild Waver Hot Wand personally at his event. 

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  1. Rosie gives me ultimate hair envy too!
    This looks great, I love the colour and it's a good price too. I really need to find something to give me big bouncy curls.


  2. The results look amazing. Love curly hair but Im just too lazy to curl my super thick hair
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise