DIY: Shabby Chic Side Tables

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Over the Christmas period I have been doing a lot of DIY as I am currently in progress of re-vamping my home mainly by up cycling furniture bits that I have picked up in charity shops or on eBay. 

The main reason for me doing this is because I have always loved vintage and shabby chic furniture and styles and fell in love with so many beautiful pieces of furniture until I noticed the price tag, however a light bulb appeared in my head and I decided to look into doing it myself. So with a little help of my mum and Annie Sloan I decided to get to work. (Please ignore the quality of the photo's, I ended up using my iPhone and the quality is a little naff but I hope you don't mind) 

I picked up these mahogany nest of tables from a charity shop for only £20, bargain I know! I got so excited that I rushed to a local shabby chic shop in Leicester called Pomponette and chose the paint, I knew I was going to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as its perfect for this kind of style as you can paint on any surface without an undercoat or sanding and it leaves a beautiful powdery vintage feel.

I decided to go for a subtle and safe creamy colour and chose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre (£18.95 for 1 litre tin) when using Annie Sloan paint you need to seal the paint using a soft clear wax (£8.95) , I also used a dark clear wax (£8.95) which is used to age your furniture but this is just preference as you don't have to use the dark wax to get an aged look.

After One Coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre: 

After two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre:

If you are after that aged look, it's better to leave the paint around 72 hours to fully dry before sanding and edges. I use a light/soft sand paper as its only to buff the edges, there isn't a specific way you should do this so I just got into my zone and sanded where I thought looked best.

Once finished I buffed the clear soft wax all over the furniture, it's important that you cover all the furniture in soft wax as this will seal the paint. If and where you have sanded, use a minimal amount of the dark soft wax over this part. Don't worry if you get this on the non-sanded parts as it just helps add more of an aged look but if you keep buffing then it can minimises the boldness of the dark wax.


I hope to be doing a lot more DIY and creative posts over the upcoming months so you can all follow me whilst doing up my home.

Do you enjoy these kind of posts? Do you have any DIY projects at the minute?

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