New Year, New Diary (DIY)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Well, I can finally get round to saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! So sorry for being a bad blogger towards the end of 2014 (and by the looks of it the start of 2015)  I have been so busy which I know is no excuse but sometimes you end up getting in a rutt and it takes ages to get back to normal. I hope to be blogging a lot more often this year (it's one of my resolutions too so I have to stick with it!)

This year, I decided to get back in touch with my teenage days and I have decided to write a diary. I often keep a lot of emotions and feelings bottled up that build up and I end up getting so upset about everything in one go, it certainly isn't good for my physical or mental health so I have decided to jot down any little thoughts or feelings that I may have to avoid keeping them bottled up.

The reason I didn't start this diary until 3rd January is because I couldn't find a diary that I liked. I absolutely love the idea of the Erin Condren planners but there didn't seem enough room for daily diary entries (not enough for my thoughts anyway) and I just couldn't bare the thought of replacing my filofax just yet.

I literally spent several days over Christmas looking for a suitable diary that was simple yet cute and wasn't made of plastic. I really struggled to find one, I was very surprised how very few places sold them. I went to WHSmith, Amazon, eBay, Paperchase and other crafting and stationary shops. Then I decided to head back to Paperchase and look again, the '2015' branded diaries were not my thing (and they weren't very pretty) I also had my mind set that I didn't want the date already printed as I find that you usually lose half a day writing space over the weekends, and let's face it that's when most of the fun stuff usually happens!

I found a simple fabric feel pink journal, with no printed dates and other information. Just plain and simple and I liked it. It was a tad boring for my liking but it was simple enough for me to be able to get creative with, and that's exactly what I did.

I already had some pretty ribbons and lace which I had picked up from The Range previously and lots of sticky fabric stickers so as soon as I got home I decided to get out my craft box and start playing.

I set out by cutting some of the ribbons and lace which I liked and layed them over the front and sealed on the inside of the diary. I used a prit-stick as this works really well with ribbons. I know what you are thinking, the diary is still plain but it's a little bit of prettiness without going overboard and that's enough for me. I still want to decorate further but I haven't made my mind up what yet so it's this for now :)

Once I was done, I sealed the back page onto the cover of the book, this hid any of the excess lace which was sealed on the inside of the cover and kept it looking neat. And VOILA! All done. Even though it's still a plain simple diary, I quite like that it is now a one off and its a little more personal now its handmade. 

Journal // £9.99 // Paperchase
Pink Fountain Pen // £4.00 // Paperchase
Reading Glasses // Prescription

Are you writing a diary this year? How would you decorate your diary?

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