FIRST LOOK: M.A.C x Cinderella Collection

Sunday, February 08, 2015

It's very rarely I get excited about a make-up collection.. Okay that's a lie, but I am literally extremely excited for the release of MAC's latest collaboration with Disney. Yes you heard right a DISNEY MAC Collection. No-one would believe I am 25 this year with how excited I get over things like this!

Following the release of the new Cinderella film (unsure when this is out) I introduce to you the MAC x Cinderella collection. I know you will agree when I say that this collection really is a dreaammmmm. So the rumours say, MAC x Cinderella is launching online 26 February 2015 and launches in stores 03 March 2015 but as usual this is in the US first so I will keep my ears and eyes peeled and will update you with any news on the UK release date as soon as I can but it is expected at some point in March/Beginning of April 2015.

So I might as well skip right to the moment you have all been waiting for... THE COLLECTION! No need for me to write any more so I will let the images speak for themselves. 


MAC Cinderella Iridescent Pressed Powder in Coupe D'Chic
(Light Golden Peach with a subtle Gold Shimmer)

MAC Cinderella Beauty Powder in Mystery Princess
(Matte Pink Beige with a soft Silver Shimmer)


MAC Cinderella Studio Fix Lash in Bold Black Black

MAC Cinderella Eyeshadow Palette in Stroke of Midnight

Shades: Phloof! (Frosted off-white) · Quarry  (Soft Muted Plum-Brown) Omega (Soft Muted Beige-Taupe) · Vapour (Peach-Pink with Violet Pearl) · Satin Taupe (Taupe with Silver Shimmer) · Stroke of Midnight (Black Plum with Sparkle Pearl)

 MAC Cinderella Studio Eye-Gloss in Lightly Tauped

MAC Cinderella Studio Eye-Gloss in Pearl Varnish

MAC Cinderella Fluid-Line in Little Black Bow Grey (with Silver Pearl)

MAC Cinderella Fluid-Line in Macroviolet (Deep Smoked Violet with Red Pearl)

MAC Glitter in Reflects Pearl (White Glitter with Pearl Sheen)

MAC Cinderella Pigment in Evil Stepmother (Black Plum with Plum Pearl)

MAC Cinderella Pigment in Pretty It Up Olive (with Pearled Pigments)


MAC Cinderella Lustre Lipstick in Royal Ball (Fleshy Pink)

MAC Cinderella Lustre Lipstick in Free As A Butterfly (Semi-Sheer Golden Nude)

MAC Cinderella Lip-Glass in Happily Ever After (Cool Milky Pink with Bluish Pearls)

MAC Cinderella Lip-Glass in Glass Slipper (Light Milky Pink with Pinkish Pearls)

Well, there you have it! Looks AMAZE-BALLS (I can't believe I just said that, do people even say that anymore?) There are also two brushes expected to be released within the collection which I haven't been able to source photo's of, but from what I have read though they don't look any different to the standard MAC brushes but we will have to wait for the release to see what they are like, I am guessing they may look the same but be a Limited Edition brush.

I have to say, I slightly expected a lot more glitz and glam with the packaging as Disney has never been one to keep simple but I am still EXTREMELY excited by the release of this collection. 

The main things I have my eye on are the pressed powders, the eye-shadow palette and the lipsticks as these are the products that I would get the most use out of as I use similar products at the minute. I don't think I would ever use the Eye-Gloss as that seem's a little weird for me as I imagine my eyelids looking wet and I have never really used pigments before even though these do look rather amazing. Even so, I will probably be one of those crazy shoppers sitting up waiting for the UK release online so I can spend spend spend on beautiful pretty Disney make-up. 

Which products do you have your eye on? What do you think of the MAC x Cinderella Collection? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts

*All Images in this post are sourced from Allure and are not my own*

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  1. Wow it all looks so pretty, I still get excited about Disney don't worry.
    The powder and the mascara look like they could be possible purchases.
    Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures


  2. Ooh the lipgloss looks so pretty x

  3. I'm so excited for this collection!
    I seriously cannot wait for it to hit the UK.

    Leanne xx