Have a LUSH Easter...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter and Springtime is my absolute favourite, not only is Easter near my birthday - which usually falls on or just after my birthday which means I get extra time off WOOHOO, but I love the smells and pretty sights that Spring brings.

I love seeing all the pretty daffodils in the countryside near my house, the smell of people starting to cut their lawns, sitting outside for a spot of lunch with friends and seeing all the cute decorations in the stores - I am a right sucker for decorating my house, for no reason whatsoever :)

I am not really a chocolate fan, so never get Easter Eggs as even if I did, it would usually be my fiancé that eats them. Instead I much prefer something cute, something I can use often or scented - or all three! Hehe. I sadly missed out on Lush's Easter collection last year but this year I have been sensible and decided to pick up a few things whilst I can - and whilst I didn't forget. 

The average amount people usually spend on Easter Eggs are at least £5-£10 per egg, I have even seen some whoppers that double or triple that - and not to mention some crazy giant eggs that have a three digit price tag. So I decided to treat myself to some new Easter treats for around the average value, and to be honest - I'd much prefer some beauty treats anyway.

Okay, so I didn't really stick to that amount at all as I just couldn't resist, but these are just a few ideas what you could buy your loved ones, your beauty mad friends or even treat yourself too this Easter. Besides, think of all the calories you are saving by NOT eating the Easter Eggs :)  

A sweet scent of candy floss is the perfect bath egg to replace your chocolate Easter egg. This bath bomb turns your tub pink and will leave a subtle scent all over your body. If you are a fan of Snow Fairy (which let's face it, I think EVERYONE was) then you will love this as Lush says that this is the same 'utterly delicious' fragrance that is in the Snow Fairy shower gel.  

This bath bomb isn't really part of the Easter collection but this reminds me of Spring so I thought I would combine the two. If you are a lover of Rose scented products like I am then you will absolutely adore this bath bomb, when popped in the tub this will release a gorgeous bouquet of flower petals as well as scenting your water with a lovely floral fragrance. So lie back, turn the lights out and relax.

Lulla-bee, Honey Bee (sorry it just reminds me of the Winnie the Pooh song hehe). Honey Bee contains a lovely little trio of honey, aloe vera and rhassoul mud which is perfect to soothe your skin and add moisture. The smell of this bath bomb is just divine and I could just eat it up, but I won't as that would be weird. Haha for the price, this is quite a large bath bomb so this one is definitely worth picking up when you pop in.

This little bunny gave me a nice little surprise when I popped this in my bath the other night. This bath bomb creates gorgeous little bubbles and releases the smell of fresh lavender, not only does it fizz like a normal bath bomb but it has little popping candy that make bath time much more enjoyable. You definitely don't want to miss out on this one.

Have you picked up any of the Lush Easter/Spring collection yet? What goodies would you prefer to receive at Easter?

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