It's Just Another Mani Monday #03

Monday, March 30, 2015

It's that time of the week again where I get to share with you my #ManiMonday and my currently wearing slash current favourite nail polish of the week. As mentioned previously, I regularly - okay like all the time - switch between nudes, reds and plums. Now it's coming into Spring/Summer I will be experimenting with more shades so feel free to comment any of your recommendations below so I can keep my eye out for them. 
This weeks shade is my all time favourite natural nude, "Not Just A Pretty Face" by Essie is such a beautiful shade. It is a nude polish that leaves a natural manicured affect, reminds me like the nudes used in a French Manicure. Whenever I feel like not wearing much colour but still have to have my nails painted I pop this polish on, and I feel really natural yet still girly. I was surprised how many people complimented me on my nail polish shade when I thought this was really subtle, but it's a good thing as it truly is more than a pretty face - like what I did there? 

I love Essie polishes as the pigments are great and the product is really easy to apply, the results last usually around 5 days to 7 days until they start to chip but that might be because my nails are damaged from wearing false nails for so long, Naughty Charley... These polishes are a tad little more expensive that my beloved Barry M polishes but oh my they are worth it, the retail price is usually around £6.99 per polish but keep your eyes peeled in Boots as they often have offers on and they also do some beautiful little duo sets - I am literally popping in all the time as I want to find the bridal set.

This is yet another nude that I always seem to go back to, there is just something about it that makes me feel really feminine yet professional. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! - I'll let you decide though...


Photo: With Nikon Flash

Photo: With Nikon Flash

Photo: Natural Light

Please ignore the state of my nails, they are so damaged at the minute they are always breaking but they are getting better, I hope. BUT I bet you now realise why I love this shade so much! The finish is gorgeous and has a beautiful gelish like appearance, which I often find happens when you buy a more expensive polish. If I was to ever meet our dear Queenie, this would be the polsih I would wear, I think she would approve. 

What is your favourite nude polish? Are there any Essie polishes that you would recommend, if so leave a comment below with the details :-)

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  1. This is such a gorgeous shade I love Fiji from Essie! x