Getting To Know Me: Interesting Facts

by - Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Me again! I have am starting to get into the swing of writing more lifestyle posts as I think it’s a good way to make my blog more personal to me. I hope you are enjoying reading my blog, if there are any posts that you would like me to write about or things that you would like to see or know about me then please leave a comment and I will work my magic and get posting :-)

I haven’t been tagged in this post but I thought I would share some interesting facts about me and my life, there isn’t a specific number that I am aiming to write towards but I am just writing as many as I can think of. So here goes…

1) I am a quarter Chinese and proud. I love having Chinese heritage as it makes me feel a little bit unique compared to everyone else

2) Everyone thinks I am dippy but I am actually quite intelligent, I often use my ‘dippiness’ to my advance and use this when needed. That isn’t to say that I am not dippy as I am occasionally extremely dippy and often make silly comments that really had no thought into what I was saying.

3) I am a little bit of a computer geek, not with all the fancy blog coding and stuff as I haven’t quite cracked that yet but on Microsoft programmes that you usually use at work – I am a nerd. I get it from my mum.

4) I have always been and I still am obsessed with stationary and all pretty crafting, stickers and stencilling things. Even pens, post-it’s and other cute things that you get. I love them all. I am also obsessed with Filofaxes, books and notepads – I have three different type of organisers in different sizes, all which I use regularly and are all for different things. Not really sure why, but I just couldn’t resist buying them and making them look pretty.

5) I have an OCD. My fiancé notices it more than I do but I get obsessed with tidying up and not just your normal tidying up, I get annoyed and genuinely irritated if something isn’t in the exact position that I need it to be. Although I don’t have the OCD where you need everything perfectly straight and with certain space in between but I like everything neat and tidy and exactly where I want it. He must really love me as he just puts up with it, I suppose that’s why we work well as he is a messy mare and I am the neat freak – hey, I guess opposites do attract.

6) Since my nightmare teenage years, I have grown up pretty quick - I bought my first house at 22, my own car at 23, got engaged at 23, bought my pug Pepe at 23 and I am getting married at 25. If you know me personally you will know that’s quite an achievement as I was a right nightmare when I was younger and that isn’t a lie. But I suppose everyone comes to a point in their life and just thinks I need to change it, so I did.

7) I absolutely LOVE Disney, I strongly believe that you are never too old for a Disney film and this is true. I always watch them and I know the words to most of the songs in the films. My favourite all time Disney film is Beauty and the Beast :-)

8) Family mean absolutely EVERYTHING to me. I am so proud to be part of my family and despite our family being small and some living in different countries we are quite close and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

9) When me and my fiancé marry, if and when we decide the time is right to have children then our children will have English, Chinese, Welsh and Irish roots. Pretty cool huh?

10) People say I am too nice, I am always putting others before myself and I will go out of my way to make my family and friends happy and to also be there for them. Some say I trust people too much and sometimes I do too much for people but that’s just the way I am, I like seeing people happy and I like to know that I am part of that.

Now you've got to know me a little better, leave a comment telling me some of your interesting facts as well as your blog link too :-) 

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