10 Things That Make Me Happy

by - Sunday, June 21, 2015

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Life will go by in a blink of an eye, and we will often not realise where the times goes. Being caught up in our busy schedules and commitments, we can often forget about the little things in life, the things that matter and the things that make us happy. So a little lightbulb came on in my head and I thought I would share with you ’10 Things that make me Happy’…

1) Cup of fresh tea in a China teacup
Yessss, I know I sound very snobby but I wouldn’t be a true Brit if I didn’t like a good cuppa tea, and not just any cuppa tea but a proper tea – like loose English Breakfast tea leaves, made in a teapot and served in a China teacup. I most certainly got this from my mother so call me old fashioned, but I guarantee this will be the best tea of your life. Tea will never be the same again.

2) Pepe
Pepe is not just my Pug dog, he is my little baby. I absolutely adore everything about him, unless you own a dog it’s hard to understand but he really does make me smile just from him being cute or silly or coming to cuddle me when he/me feels poorly. It’s just like they know?

3) Chinese Food
Now I don’t mean the high calorie takeaways, I mean authentic Chinese food cooked by my pops. For those who don’t know, I am part Chinese which means not only do I have some exciting heritage but I also means I am lucky enough to be gifted with great cooking genes. I have learnt lots of authentic family Chinese dishes which my pops had taught me, which were passed down from my Nana.

4) Stationary
I have an unhealthy obsession with stationary, and by unhealthy I mean UNHEALTHY. I buy new stationary for the sake of it but then sometimes don’t dare use it as I don’t want to ruin how pretty it looks. I fail to believe that I am the only one out there who has this obsession? Either way, whether it be a new pen, notebook, stickers, washi tape or just something to decorate my new books then I have to have it. And if I am sad just give me a new pretty notebook and you will have my heart forever.

5) Shopping
I know that most girls loves shopping, but I really do love it. I will gladly just get in my car and walk around my local shopping centre with a coffee just browsing at items. Even when I am not buying anything, I still enjoy window shopping. Me and my best friend always go shopping together and we always end up spending at least a full shift shopping, chatting and having lunch.

6) My Fiance
I am not just writing this on the off chance that he is reading this, but he really does make me smile. He knows how to wind me up, he knows how to make me laugh and he knows how to make me feel like the only girl that matters and no matter what I wouldn’t change him. He is my soul mate and I can’t wait to marry him in October.

7) My Best Friend
Sounds weird putting my best friend, but its true when they say “you don’t need lots of friends, you just need the best” and I really do have the best friend ever. We have known each other for many years now and I know he will be my best friend for many years to come. He is more like my brother that I never had rather than my best friend. He just knows what I am thinking, knows how to make me laugh, knows when to be brutally honest and is just there when you need him.

8) Autumn
I just LOVE Autumn, it is equally my favourite season (to Spring), I just love the warm colours, the crunchy leaves and the cosy blankets. One thing I look forward to in Autumn is coming home from work and getting snuggled in PJ’s, fluffy socks and a blanket and sitting watching a movie with a nice cuppa tea. I also love Autumn mornings when its foggy, I love going outside in the cold fog and having a morning cuppa coffee and just listen to the birdies wake up – probably sad I know but it really is the little things in life.

9) Presents
Now don’t worry, I am not being shallow by saying I love presents as I actually love giving presents. The thought of spending time and effort into finding a perfect present for someone and then spending time wrapping the presents beautifully and to then see the recievers face when they open a present is priceless. I just love knowing that I have made someone happy and have made their day.

10) Making People Smile/Happy
This might sound strange but I absolutely LOVE doing thing that make my people smile or be happy, whether it be a family member or a close friend or even a stranger that you have never met. It’s the gesture, and seeing someone smile or doing something nice that make’s someone feel good about themselves and I am a strong believe that there needs to be more kind and genuine people out there – so if you see someone today after reading this, no matter if you know them or not, just smile, or engage in conversation or do a good deed. Trust me you will feel better for it.

What makes you happy? Are there any on my list that would feature on yours too?


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  1. I am so jealous. Authentic Chinese food is the best. I had a chinese flat mate for a bit at uni and he used to cook for us sometimes and it was amazing. Tea also makes me smile. Its like a hug in a mug
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Haha homemade food from any culture is always the best. Xx