Another BB Crème review?

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I am sure you have heard about this Forever Living hype which more than likely at least one of your friends is doing? Yup, thought so. I had quite a sceptical feeling towards the company and the products until one of my friends opened her own business selling and promoting their products, she really did open my eyes about the products she sells. Now, I am an absolute SUCKER for natural products. Mainly because I have really sensitive skin but I do also love the general results you get from natural based products.

I was asked, by a friend to trial a few products to see how I got on. No strings, no loop holes, just trying a product to see what I thought. Simples. One of the products that I tried is the Aloe BB Crème in shade Nude, this BB crème has SPF 20 which means it helps protects your skin against sun exposure and the rest of the ingredients are basically plant based or water based - good news for your skin!

The texture and consistency actually surprised me, as usually I find BB crèmes to be quite light and usually has really naff coverage, however the consistency of this particular BB Crème is similar to those of a medium coverage foundation. Oh, something else I noticed, the scent of the product was lovely. If you have used Liz Earle foundations, they smell very similar as it must be all the natural goodness that's inside! 

Excuse me looking hideous, but here's my before photo.

One application of the Aloe BB Crème 
Two coats of the Aloe BB Crème

As you can see from the photo's, this BB Crème has pretty good coverage, I would say this has medium but is build-able and blend-able to suit your preference and is easily applied. I was pretty impressed with this BB Crème to before as on the before photo I was a "Spotty Lottie" and afterwards I had an even coverage and a lovely glow. 

Despite me wearing NOTHING else other than this BB Crème, I am impressed with the results as usually I think BB Crème's are naff. I would still add a bit of face powder over the top to give me a little more coverage (as I like a full coverage) and I would also definitely add a spot of blusher as otherwise I look seriously ill - as you probably guessed by now I am quite pale! Oh, or you could even use this under your foundation as a primer as it evens your skin tone, hydrates your skin and leaves a lovely dewy glow. 

Aloe BB Crème retails at £31.38* and is available from Forever Living by Jamie, or head over to her page if you just want to have a peak at what else there is to offer. 

What do you think about the Forever Living products? Are there any products that you use?

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