How Fitting: Boux Avenue Review

by - Wednesday, June 03, 2015

For someone who used to be called names about the size of my chest (well lack of), I never really found the whole shopping for bra’s or trying on bra’s a very enjoyable experience. I am going to hold my hands up and say that I haven’t actually been fitted for a very long time, I think my last bra fitting was when I was around 17/18 as that’s when I was able to wear a bra size other than triple A and even then I used to beg my mum to let me pick a bra with some form of padding so I felt a little less flat and a little more full.

Since then, I usually just guess what bra size I am. If a bra gets too small, I get the cup size up and if the bra feels too tight then I buy the next size up. And this is basically how I have shopped for bra’s over the past 7 years or so. As my wedding is only around the corner in October, I wanted to get a bra that is properly fitted and one that would suit my dress as it’s a bit of a funny one (sorry can’t spill yet, but all will be revealed shortly).  Sadly for me, Leicester is absolutely NAFF for anything like this. With the exception for Debenhams, John Lewis or Ann Summers, we don’t actually have anywhere that sells pretty underwear suitable fit for a bride. So, off in the car I went and I decided to head to Meadowhall, Sheffield with my Best Man slash Best Friend in search for something pretty, comfortable and suitable for a wedding.

Having mooched around Meadowhall, I was delighted to see Victoria Secret and Boux Avenue opposite each other. I was chuffed that I was able to look around pretty lingerie shops and be able to try them on to see how I actually feel when wearing them. Being honest, I didn’t really spend much time in VS as I couldn’t believe some of the prices, yes I admit some of their underwear is GORGEOUS and most definitely what I was looking for. But I couldn’t justify paying over £100 just for a bit of lace to cover my nips, this just wasn’t something I was prepared for. So I scuttled out and went over the Boux Avenue store.
For those who don’t know Boux Avenue is actually owned by Theo Pahpitis (the dude from Dragons’ Den) and was named after a French waitress called Bouxwho served Theo in Francethe latter part of the name was found during a trip to the Big Apple as the name basically needed a second part. Boux Avenue has a range of products including lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, bridal collections, beauty products, pretty scents and all things romantic which suit a range of budgets. Boux Avenue say that no matter what your age, size or style, they have an inclusive brand for everyone in a variety of sizes. I had heard about Boux Avenue online when I was searching the web for somewhere to purchase some underwear from, although I am sceptical about ordering underwear online when I don’t know what the fit is like so in the past, I’ve always stook to my trusted standard t-shirt bra’s from Next – comfortable? Very. Sexy? Most definitely NOT.
Having a look around, I was utterly surprised how beautiful the store was laid out. There were some bra’s hanging on pretty hangers, some displayed on tables and some back up stock was placed beautifully in drawers to keep them all pretty and safe. The store reminded me of La Senza, but a bigger, posher more prettier version with a more luxurious service. The actual products were reasonably priced as you can pick up some sets for around £20/£25 and  the Bridal sets at Boux Avenue were around £45 for the set which is really well priced (especially when some companies charge over £100 for a piece of lace shaped into a bra!). What I love about Boux Avenue is there really is something to suit everyone, whether I need a backless and strapless bra, to a comfortable bra for work, a pretty evening bra or even a nice fitted bikini, Boux have it all!

As I accidentally forgot to take photos, Image Sources for the above x 3 Photos: Boux Avenue

After having a nosey at what they had to offer, I headed to the back which is a gorgeous little corner complete with a concierge desk, vintage phone, underwear on pretty displays and seats (clearly for the husbands or boyfriends to wait for you.. or in this case my best friend). When I seen a member of staff, I actually panicked but I managed to mumble out that I wanted to be fitted as there were some bra’s I liked for my wedding and I want to make sure they are fitted perfectly. A very lovely and friendly “Boux Belle” as they like to call their staff, shown me to my fitting room and explained to me how the fitting service works and asked me to remove my top and she would return in a moment. When returned she checked my current bra against the fit and discussed a few things with me, I told her that my current bra size is a 32C but I know that I have one cup slightly bigger than the other. She explained that my bra actually looks uncomfortable as it seems to dig into my shoulders and underneath my bust but I just assumed this was because my straps were tight because otherwise I end up falling out – she informed me this was wrong, so if you have red marks from your bra digging in then you need to get your size checked.
Then she pulled out her measuring tape and checked underneath my bust and my cup size, good news is I was wearing the right size in inches… However the next part I failed to believe at first as when she checked my cup size she said I am actually a 32DD or 32E! I stood looking at my baps, completely gob smacked. I feel so bad, but I actually challenged her and said are you sure? Really, why would someone like me who has basically guessed my bra size for the past few years, challenge someone who does this as a job? - If you served me and are reading then I am so sorry!  But I was completely shocked that my little egg cups were actually no longer little egg cups… I think she may realise that I was shocked but she explained it in more detail, and to put it in simple terms I don’t have massive breasts as in big, but I have a full cup as my breasts are very full and round which means even when wearing a bra I tend to “hang out” and this actually means my bra isn’t the right size, as my cup size is too small.

After standing there gorping at my chest, she brought back a selection of bra’s that I had seen all in a DD or an E. When looking at them, I challenged her again..really, what the heck is wrong with me.. but these looked too large compared to what I was used to. But she asked me to trust her, I really did, she actually made me feel so comfortable! So, reclutantly at first, I tried on the first bra which was a piece from the bridal collection that I had wanted to try. HOLY BEJESUS it actually fits! I really was even more gobsmacked now, and it felt so comfortable, I was literally standing staring at myself in the mirror saying OMG I am wearing an E cup, Charley “boy tits” (as I was known in school - I can laugh now) is actually wearing a E cup bra! And it fits, I feel rather chuffed right now. The lovely lass then shown me how my bra should look on and how it should feel, and it really did feel perfect. Not only did feel like it fitted properly but it actually was a lot more comfortable than my standard t-shirt bra’s that I am used to. I also tried on a few of their other bra’s which again all fitted so much better than my current bra, I was completely shocked! After standing staring at myself for several minutes, I thought it was best if I got dressed as people would be starting to wonder what I was doing, not to mention that I had left my best friend sat outside, bored out of his mind in a bra fitting concierge reception waiting for me – whoops! Big sorry <3
So chuffed with my new bra, I picked up the matching knickers and a few little bits that I happened to grab whilst walking to the till. I was in complete awe, not just the fact that since walking into the shop probably about 50 minutes ago, I have gone up between 2-3 cup sizes but also in a complete trance at watching them beautifully pack my new pretty underwear. Complete in a box with scented tissue paper and scattered flower petals was my beautifully placed underwear, then wrapped up further and put in a bag I was set to go, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Don’t worry, I don’t mind showing you photos of my new lingerie as I did pick up a few other bits which I won't show you - at least I can try and keep something secret, as I plan to have a couple, you know just in case I change my mind on the day. I don’t want to be left with just one option do I... 

BUT, Aren’t they gorgeous? I am actually keeping these beauties wrapped in the box until the big day – or until I pack my case anyway. As you can possibly tell (if you have carried on reading this far) that I am actually rather chuffed with the whole fitting and shopping experience at Boux Avenue, it really isn’t your standard fitting service where you are whizzed in and out in a matter of moments, and from what I can tell after shopping at this store the girls really do look after you, I was treated like an individual and not just another customer and the girls go out there way to make sure you have amazing service and have the right products to suit you.
So if you are like me (or the previous me) then pluck up the courage and get measured, it is important to get measured at least every 6-12 months as us women are so amazing, our bodies change all the time  from many factors including weight loss/gain, pregnancy, hormones, menopause or even taking medication. So why wouldn't we want to make sure we have the best fitting bra and style to suit us?  I’ve also found a little handy link on Linda’s Online Blog with a bra fitting calculator to give you an idea of your bra size, but I would definitely recommend going into your local Boux Avenue (or travel nearly 70 miles to one like I did) and get fitted and treat yourself to some new undies!
If you happen to be reading this Boux Avenue, pretty please can you bring a store to Leicester! I hate driving in motorway traffic and Leicester has no decent underwear stores. And despite you being worth the travel, I really don't fancy doing it on a regular basis. 
When was the last time you got fitted? What was your fitting experience like?
PS, throughout writing this post the sentence “I must, I must improve my bust” is in my head – where is this actually from?  I think it’s a movie of some sort but I have gone completely blank. So if you happen to know, then pop it in the comments below.. Ey that rhymes!

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