My Morning Routine

by - Thursday, June 11, 2015

I am someone who absolutely loves being in a routine or having a schedule, it really does make me feel like I have my life together. It also means I tend to stay on track and get stuff done that needs doing. I bet, subconsciously you are all following a routine too. Without realising, you will wake up at a set time and have a fixed routine to going to the bathroom, making a cuppa tea or coffee, finding something to wear, showering, getting ready etc. So I thought I would share my routine on what I do in the morning, and trust me when I say I religiously stick to it (Honestly, I get called Monica Gellar at times)

Despite me occasionally accepting the snooze option on my alarm, I have my alarm set for 6:30am every morning. I used to find it a struggle to wake up before 7:30am but I forced myself to wake up early and surprisingly I do feel like I get more out of my day. I decided to change my alarm as part of the one small change, and after about a week my body started to get used to waking up 1 hour early each day.
After I have dragged myself out of bed (I never said I enjoyed waking up…) I always freshen up in the bathroom, and despite my face always being clear of make-up, I still wash my face with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as this makes my skin feel healthy and gives me a boost when waking up. When really tired, I will also use Liz Earle Eye Bright on my eyes just to help soothe them and stop them feeling so tired.

Now it’s time for coffee! I literally cannot function if I haven’t had a morning coffee, it’s a necessity! I used to indulge in a lovely Costa Coffee in the morning from my Tassimo Coffee Machine, but the pods are quite expensive and I used to go through about 4 a day so I try to avoid using it every day now. Instead I use the Nescafe Azera Latte sachets which make a lovely frothy coffee – perfecto! Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, I usually sit on the corner of the stairs near my kitchen and browse through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Whilst sipping my coffee I head back upstairs to get ready for work, this is where I can faff for a while as when I don’t have a clue what I am wearing I often sit on the bed in my spare room (where my wardrobes are) and sit gazing whilst trying to figure something out – I really do need to get a routine in place for deciding what to wear! – Once I have decided what to wear, and have ironed any clothes, I have a quick shower and then prance around in my dressing gown whilst getting ready. Oh by the way, quick tip for those of you who have thick hair and always rush in the mornings – do it the night before! I NEVER wash my hair in the morning before work as it just takes too long! I have really thick hair that takes about 6 hours to dry naturally and hours to blow dry myself, so by doing it the night before means its practically dry when I wake up. See not just a pretty face!

Now to apply my face – I really wish I was one of these girls that could go out wearing next-to-no or no make-up and still look amazing, but sadly I don’t so that’s where my much loved cosmetics come in handy! I have a bit of a strange routine that I actually have a break after applying foundation and blusher, to do my hair – whether it be using curling tongs or straightening and popping in sleep-in rollers for a bit of va-va-voom. When using sleep-in rollers, I feel so glam whilst finishing the rest of my make-up so 99.9% of the time you will catch me pouting or posting at myself in the mirror (well, if you was in my house then you would)

A little tip (that I have learnt from past experience) – don’t wear your clothes when getting ready, that isn’t to say you need to sit there in the buff but I either use a dressing gown or towel whilst getting ready as in the past, my previously clumsy self has spilt no end of make-up over my clothes which means I usually end up running late as I have to find yet another outfit to wear.
Once I am finally ready, after I have cleaned my teggies and more than likely, took a few selfies of my outfit - its hi-ho hi-ho, its off to work I go!
What is your morning routine? Do you even have a routine, or are you wild and mix it up?

*All photos in this blog are sourced from Pinterest*

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