Oh Mr Wellington...

by - Sunday, June 07, 2015

Despite me being two years behind the "it" watch trend, I am rather excited to now be an owner of a new watch, and not just any new watch but a Daniel Wellington Watch! You have probably seen these watches pop up on every bloggers, instagramers and general fashionista's wrists, and that's because they are literally everywhere...

The Daniel Wellington watch rapidly became the watch that everyone wanted and appeared everywhere (second to the MK watch obvs) and I had lusted after one for so long. Don't get my wrong, I love my fancy watches too but there was just something, oh so beautiful about the DW design... Could it be the classic leather strap (with the possibility to change to suit your style) or the minimalistic face or was it possibly just because I had seen it everywhere?

The Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield was the watch my very generous and truly amazing fiancé bought me for our anniversary, I swear he is a mind reader at times as I didn't even realise he knew that I was dreaming of one. The Classic Sheffield is a minimalistic piece that according to DW is simple, not boring and designed to be suitable for every occasion. The face is 36mm in size and 6mm in thickness so perfect for those of you - much like myself - who like thin, simple and stylish watches. I have the Classic Sheffield in Rose Gold (although my camera makes it look silver) but all the DW watches come in both a Rose Gold and a Silver option to suit preference.

The design really is that of a timeless classic, let's face it how can a simple leather watch go out of fashion? And if it does (which I doubt), just purchase one of the other straps available to keep up with the trend. One thing though, if you have tiny wrists like moi then you may need to have a couple of extra holes added to the strap, but that isn't really an issue at all.

I know to most this may be "just a watch" but if you are like me and like something classic that isn't too thick or fiddly like some watches, then this is perfect for you. This watch is £159 on the Daniel Wellington website but searching on the web, I bet you can pick this up a lot cheaper from other stockists. 

What do you think of the Daniel Wellington watch? Which one is your preferred style?

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