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by - Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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I used to find it weird when people referred to Bloggers as a “Community” but I have become to realise it is. All of the people I have met through blogging are the most genuine, kind and supportive people. It’s weird that you get to know so many people and those strangers over social media sites and the internet slowly become your friends and people whose opinions you trust and rely on.
You may or may not know but I started my blog in 2013, previous to starting this blog I did run another site which I started about 2010/2011, however I shut it down as I got a lot of nasty comments which is sadly something a lot of bloggers experience. It took me a lot of time to re-start my blog and even more time to share this with my family and friends as I tried to keep my blog as secret as I could – which let’s face it would never get me anywhere and would never build a genuine audience.

Since re-starting my sharing my blog, I have had a completely different perspective on things and a completely different experience which you will be pleased to know that it has been a positive experience. Which is why I wanted to share my thoughts on the blogging community, so if you are thinking about writing a blog or have a blog that is a secret but want to share this but concerned – then read on!
There are so many different types of bloggers out there, including fashion, fitness, beauty, books, lifestyle, travel or food bloggers. Each have a range of skills which they have developed throughout their journey as a blogger. For each of these categories there are different “chats” which are hosted for bloggers to get involved in discussions, answer questions and also help each other out. I absolutely love these groups and I always find bloggers so helpful when I need to ask how to do something, or somewhere to go or opinions.
Every blogger has their own story about why they started a blog. But it’s the passion and the effort they put into each of their blogs that inspires me. Each blog is someone’s baby, and whether it not be your cup of tea or preferred category, the writer has written this blog as its what they enjoy, its what floats their boat. And the time and effort spent into writing content for readers, taking and editing photos and making their blog look engaging, its amazing! And I am inspired by every blogger that has the confidence, the patience and is willing to put time into their blog to make it how they want it to be, which is why if you follow a blog you love or read a really good post – let the reader know!
Bloggers are possibly the people I trust the most, before I buy anything whether techy, beauty, fashion, or eat somewhere, I always search to see if a blogger has reviewed it or tried it before. The opinions of bloggers is rapidly becoming the most important opinion, who would want to buy a magazine that has been paid to say how much they love a product when you would rather read an honest review of a real, normal person who has tried and tested it? Bloggers are underrated by negative comments saying they “only want free stuff”, this is not true, yes it’s a perk of the job but in my opinion it doesn’t actually compensate for the time and effort the blogger puts into writing the content and reviewing the products, and bloggers opinions should be recognised and appreciated more.  
Bloggers let you into their lives, they are so brave by having their own space on the web and sharing it with the world. Lots of bloggers share their personal experiences, likes, dislikes, where they travel, what food they like etc. Despite never meeting half of the bloggers you speak to, you feel like you know them. You begin to understand what they are like as people, what they enjoy and what they don’t. After seeing so much of their life and experiences on the web, and speaking to them in the community you become friends with them, friends you have never met – but hope to in the future. And I think its just magical.
Whether you are new to blogging, new to a chat discussion or new to blogging about a field, all the bloggers I have met are all really welcoming and friendly. No-one minds that you are new to blogging or new to a topic or even haven’t joined in a group discussion for a while, everyone is happy to help answer your questions, get involved and get to know each other.
So if you are considering blogging, then I hope the above has inspired you. If you are already blogging, what are your thoughts on the Blogging world? What parts to do enjoy most?


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  1. Love this, blogging can be hard work and it is no doubt that it is VERY time consuming. I wouldn't have it any other way though, it is a creative outlet and who knows where it could lead to? I love the blogging community and haven't experienced any negativity as of yet. I suppose the best thing we can do in those situations is to not take it personally, they don't know us and we don't know them. Just brush it off!

    Lovely post, can't wait to be your guest blogger :)

    Emma | The Fashion Six

    1. I can't wait for you to be my guest blogger either Hun! It is very hard and I don't think people realise the commitment bloggers put into their sites and lives in general. Indeed, I am thankful that it was several years ago and not recently since I started blogging again. Xx

  2. Hi Charley,

    You are the reason why I blog so thank you for all your help and support. I still can't believe people actually read what a write which I guess is natural to a lot of bloggers.

    Keep up the good work



    1. Aw bear! Thank you so much for your lovely comment :-* you should be proud of your blog and what you have become, you stepped out your comfort zone and write some amazing reviews - of course people would want to read! Keep it up I love reading your posts xxx