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by - Friday, June 05, 2015

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After some suggestions on twitter I have decided to write a post about how I juggle working full time, a part time student, a part time blogger and planning a wedding. If I am being honest, I feel like a fraud because the truth is I am not very good at it - (as you can probably tell by the lack of content on my blog) - and I have been slacking quite a lot this year, I really didn’t plan for my life to get this unorganised as I usually am one of the most nerdy organised people ever. I say this comment as I have loads of Filofaxes, even though they are not used that often so I may need to get my shiz together.

So despite feeling a little fraudy, I have decided to continue writing this post as I know a few things helped when I was organised so I can put these into a post to help any of you – but mainly me as I need a kick up the backside right now as I have been rather lazy of these past few months and the strange thing is, when I was really organised and kept busy, I actually had more energy than I do now.
often found that planning a weekly schedule including working out, studying and writing a batch of blog posts helps me keep on track. Some say, I have a resemblance to Monica Gellar (haven’t a clue how they god that idea) which means I work best when I have a schedule and goals to work towards. I suppose you could say that I am a goody-too-shoes as I hate having tasks that are not done, which when I get organised is when I get shit done. I LOVE the desk planners from PaperChase – link 
Make sure you have some “me time” – whether you are doing lots of blogging, studying or lots of tasks that can be quite time consuming, it’s important to make sure you have some time to yourself as your brain can be quite fuzzled from everything that’s going on. So within this schedule, make sure you give yourself a rest day and run a bubble bath, grab a glass of prosecco (or beverage of your choice) and relax! If you don’t make sure you have some space for yourself, then you may find that you end up getting exhausted or going off track completely.
And by schedule, I don’t mean write a schedule but utilise the scheduling post system – this really is my best friend on blogger as I just LOVE it. When I can, where I can, I tend to write as many posts as I can. Some of which never get published or some get changed all together but its important that if you have an idea in your head of a post, then write it and save it. I love the Blogger app for iPhone too, albeit it is pretty naff to publish photos I just tend to write the text out and just save it in drafts for me to edit on my laptop. It’s really naughty I know, but when I have spare time whether it be at work, or when travelling or even with friends (rude – I know) if I have had an idea or some text in my mind then I will just write it in notes or in an email draft and send it to myself. If you wrote down even the smallest of idea’s that you have, you will slowly build up a collection of posts that you can publish or save in case you have writers block in future.
I know, like most of you that sometimes you have commitments that you just can’t get around and can throw you off schedule or means that you can’t devote your time to blogging. Take me for example, I know that when I have an assignment due within the next week or so, all my spare time is devoted to finishing my assignment before spending time scheduling posts. It happens, life is full of complications and we just learn to deal with it and get over it. But that’s where the above points come in handy as if you happen to have some content written and scheduled in advance, this should give you extra time to chill and concentrate on your other commitments.
Stay hydrated! After spending an afternoon of blogging, studying or doing chores you may find that you are starting to get exhausted. And it’s not surprising, my brain is often fuzzled after spending a weekend studying and blogging especially on top of working full time in front of a computer. So there isn’t anything better (in a true Brits eyes anyway) then having a quiet moment to yourself, with a nice brew giving your brain a chance to reset itself.
“Sometimes Later Becomes Never” – not a truer quote in my eyes. I used to be one of those people that will either try and do everything at once or just end up putting stuff off and it ends up NEVER being done. Now, if there is something in my head that needs doing, I tend to just do get up and do it. Even if I am nackered, you will see me quickly tiding up or doing something that needs doing. It is true, that eventually after putting something off for so long you will not end up doing it, so just bite the bullet and get it done!
I hope these tips help. What tips do you have to keep productive? Please share in the comments box below :-)

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