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by - Friday, July 17, 2015

If you haven't heard of Kiko Cosmetics then you really are missing out. Sadly, if you are a country bumpkin like me and live in the Midlands like me then you may have to travel to your nearest store, or I suppose you could just order online - be warned, you could get a little carried away. Especially as it's SO cheap and they often have a good sale. Win! 

I didn't order online as I was a little sceptical at first about buying make-up online without shade matching first, so whilst on my jollies in Spain I decided to pop into the local store - as they literally have them everywhere. The store layout reminds me very much like MAC, except the staff are a heck of a lot nicer, and if you look at the packaging too this is also very similar to MAC with the sleek matte black packaging, clear white text and just a really clean design. After spending hours browsing the store, I decided to pick up a few bits - mainly lipsticks which you can see below.

Pencil Lip Gloss £3.90 - Link

I am not going to lie, I was a little worried about how this will work. I mean, a lip gloss pencil, it just sounds like it will be a right mess! Especially when you need to sharpen it, but I thought I'd give it a whirl. Surprisingly, I love it! Imagine applying lip liner and lip stick, in one easy application with the exact same shade. Easy peasy! 

The product is really creamy and really smooth to apply which is great as my pet hate is annoying applying lipsticks. This lip gloss, pencil, lipstick thing is really hydrating, is also packed with anti-ageing Vitamin E cream and comes in 12 other colours - woohoo! I picked up these colours as I prefer nudes as I can wear them often, I have been using these A LOT since I bought them in April and I still easily have over 3/4 of the product left - I know I am terrible for waiting this long to post about them - but not bad for less than £4.
 Shade 07 Baby Pink // Shade 10 Dark Rose
Swatches: Top - Dark Rose // Bottom - Baby Pink
Ultra Glossy Stylo £4.90 - Link  // Smart Lipstick £3.90 - Link
Now, these lipsticks are very similar to MAC. The way they look, by the quality and the application of the product. 

The Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick is a great dupe to the MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme, it has a very creamy to gloss look that contains SPF 15 and comes in a 21 shades. To apply, the lipstick is really smooth and very hydrating. The pigment of the colour, despite being a nude is very nice on your lips and for less than a fiver, you can't go wrong! 

Swatches: Top, Ultra Glossy Stylo Shade 802 Nude // Smart Lipstick Shade 917 Mauve Pink
Smart Lipstick £3.90 - Link
Swatches: Left, 905 Red Coral // Middle, 907 Orange // Bottom, 918 Classic Rose 

The Smart Lipstick is very much like your MAC Lipstick with the Satin effect. with a subtle creamy finish without the glossy effect this lipstick is gorgeous. Rich pigment without being too vibrant, but if you want a more dramatic look you can easily build. With 24 shades to choose from, I guarantee you will be able to find the shade (or shades) for you. As they are only £3.90 each, you could just get them all! I only picked up a few - mainly because my make-up bag was full when I last went, but when I go again in a few weeks I plan to travel lightly so I can make the most of the Kiko store.

What do you think of Kiko products? Are there any other products that you would recommend?

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