L'Oreal Go Bronde Shade 05 Review

by - Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hair craze's change so often I usually can't keep up, first there was Ombre and now there is Bronde. No that wasn't a typo, I did say BRonde which is basically getting the best of both with a mix of brunette and blonde. Being a dark brunette, in the summer I love the thought of having light sun-kissed hair, whilst still being a brunette - because let's face it, I would look absolutely ridiculous blonde. After having a read of Rosie Londoner blog, I came across a tutorial of her using the L'Oreal Go Bronde (RRP £7.99) kit in Shade 05, this is the shade is suitable for dark brown hair and gave beautiful sun-kissed highlights, I knew I just had to try it. 

1: Colourant Crème // 2: Developer Crème // 3: High Shine Conditioner and 6 Weekly Treatment // Gloves // "Expert" Brush // Instructions
I was pleasantly surprised that every Boots and Asda store I went to, didn't stock Shade 05 anywhere, but I was remaining positive and just assumed that its so damn good that everyone is purchasing and stocking up. Luckily, I finally managed to get my hands on this kit and I just couldn't wait to have nice sun-kissed highlighted hair for summer. Now, I am not going to bore you with the step by step instructions that come in the box, but I will show you my before and after photos and my thoughts.

IMPORTANT: I will however say that it is important to do a patch test at least 24 hours before using any hair dye's. 

Yes I know I probably sound like your mother and mine but seriously; I have been there and thought "f**k it I have always been fine using hair dye's in the past" but then it happened - yes I had an allergic reaction! I had a red itchy, hot rash all round my hair line and neck, and my little ears were burning - OUCH. So please, do the patch test and save your burning ears for when people who love you are speaking about you :)

Before: Ignore the frizz - yes I know I resemble Hagrid but you have to have freshly washed hair and this is how unfortunately mine dries.
Before - Just so you can see my before colour properly.
With Glam Bronde Shade 05 product
With Glam Bronde Shade 05 product
After: Actually did my hair too!
I think you have probably guessed by the photos but it's fair to say that I am massively disappointed with this product, I knew I shouldn't have got my hopes up as it's so hard to dye dark brunette warm hair. If anything, it just makes my hair look even redder - I do think its the light as my hair is actually quite dark - but with all the hype that this product got; I was expecting a lot more, something, anything, just some form of BRONDE highlights through my hair would have been nice. But hey what do you expect for £7.99, first and last time at "highlighting" my own hair and I will stick with my trusted hairdresser from now on. I think this would work really well on light brown ashy hair but anyone with dark-warm brunette hair I would recommend just sticking to what you know. 

What are your thoughts on DIY hair colours? Will you be trying the Glam Bronde kit?

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  1. Oh man that is disappointing, I saw her tutorial as well and IMO there are defo professional highlights!

    1. Yeah very disappointing as I was expecting it to be really good :-(
      Charlotte Elizabeth xo