Pandora: Stackable Rings

by - Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Pandora rings have become a favourite across the globe for their range of stackable rings. They are cute, affordable and have a range to suit every style. I personally LOVE Pandora stackable rings as you can wear them individually, mix and match the styles or stack as many as you can fit on your finger and they will always look amazing! 

I love the rings that I received as they are monochrome shades which means they are perfect to wear with most outfits. The rings are dainty enough for me to wear at work, or even for a dressy occasion. 

So whilst I was getting in the "zone" for taking photos, I thought I would share a few ways that I would wear my stackable rings. But remember, there is no right way! Just do what is right for you, embrace your style and be creative. 

Be Fun
Be Bold
Be Creative
Create a Statement Finger?
Or even with an Engagement Ring?

Pandora Stacking Rings start from £30 which is a bargain for how pretty and stylish these rings are, not to mention they are all 100% real Silver (925) so they won't turn your fingers green like costume jewellery can. As these rings are super affordable, you can buy as little or as many as you want, or even add them to your Birthday and Christmas lists. Pandora Stacking Rings are available from Joshua James Jewellery and they also have an printable ring sizer to make sure you get the right fit! Happy Shopping... 

What's your stackable-ring style? Which Pandora rings are your favourite?

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