Pepe: Keeping Your Pooch Cool This Summer

by - Friday, July 03, 2015


Just look at his face! This is my little poochy Pepe, and this post is a little different but with this hot weather, Pepe is really suffering. Not only because he is wearing a big fur coat, but because like other Pugs and similar dogs, they struggle to breathe in hot humid weathers so I thought I would do a little safety post to keep your pooches nice and cool during this tropical heat wave. Let's face it, why would we want to see our doggies suffer. Especially when they look at you like that! (Couldn't you just kiss him all over his cute little face)

You would think this would be a law wouldn't you? And it baffles me to see people actually still do this, like why would you leave your dog in a hot car, you wouldn't leave your baby in a car and it's the same thing. In a car, even in the shade temperatures can triple to the temperature outside. And imagine getting stuck in a car in the normal outside heat, with a fur coat on. Exactly. And then to triple that heat - just please don't do it to your doggies.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate! Make sure your dog drinks lots of water, I change the water every hour so the water is cold and fresh and when it's really hot I also pop a few ice cubes in the water. When on trips with your dog whether it be to the park or in the car, make sure you take a bowl and some water, Pets At Home do this crafty little bottle for your pooch that has a pull out bowl on it. 

I know it might seem like the perfect summers afternoon to head to the park for a walk with your family and your dog to have a picnic but your dogs will suffer. Here's a trick, place the back of your hand on the pavement, if you cannot hold your hand for 10 seconds then do not walk your dog. Instead, choose to walk your pooches in the evening when it's cooler or early in the morning before the ground has heated up. 

My sister, who is a little bit of an animal geek, told me a little trick. Doggies cool from the bottom up, so to cool your dog down pop them in a cool bath or paddling pool (I picked mine up from Argos for £4) so their feet and body can cool down. I also cool off between their thighs and under arms, on their tummies and chest. Never put a cool towel OVER your dog as strangely this actually traps the heat on your dog and can make them a lot hotter, instead I get a tea towel and soak this in cold water and then put it in Pepe's bed so he can lie on it and it will slowly cool them down.

In the heat, we loose energy and so do our doggies. Dogs love to eat - especially Pepe, he would eat forever if he could. Find treats that are high in water content and are cooling, Pets at Home do a range of frozen yoghurts and ice-creams suitable for dogs (don't give normal ice cream as dogs can't have lactose and they are really high in sugar) or I also seen another trick on the web to give your doggies a chilled cucumber as they also really like them - yum! It will also help you understand how your dog is feeling as if they don't want a treat or food then you will know something is up.

No I don't mean cute doggy sunglasses and hats, but you can buy some apparel that will help your poochies in the heat. Pets at Home (can you tell this is Pepe's favourite shop) have a great range of cooling vests, cooling collars, cooling mats, little shoes to stop their pads getting burnt in the sun - the list in endless. These are great to use even at home or when out and about to help keep your dog nice and cool.

Wearing a fur jacket, 365 per year is hard! And not to mention extremely hot. For dogs with longer fur it will definitely help, or even dogs with short fur like Pepe it will definitely help them by getting a tidy up. There are so many mobile dog groomers that can come to you and make your pooch a little more comfortable this summer - if you are local to the Leicestershire area I couldn't recommend Pepe's groomer, Gemma from Shampoochies.

I hope these tips are helpful, if you have any more useful tips then please leave them in the comments so they can be shared. And remember, please keep your pooches safe and cool this summer!

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