Wedding: Finding the Perfect Dress

by - Monday, July 13, 2015

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Let’s face it, your wedding dress is the most important thing about your wedding (excluding actually getting married of course) and finding your perfect dress can be oh so difficult! I remember when I first went to try on wedding dresses shortly after Maz proposed, and I remember coming out of the bridal shop crying, absolutely hating every dress, how I looked in a dress and the general atmosphere of a bridal shop. 

Instead, I sat at home and started pinning wedding dresses onto my Pinterest mood board. Then I started to think about why I didn’t like the dresses in the first place, not just because I felt a little fat (okay very) but because the styles were just awful on me. The dream dress that I had imagined for so long, was actually the worst dress ever when tried on – strange isn’t it. We were luckily enough to have been invited to many weddings last year, and I was able to look at the beautiful brides and their dresses. All of their dresses looked perfect for them, but may not necessarily suit you and I. So it also gave me a hand in thinking about the style of my dress. What parts of the dress I liked, what neckline did I want, the fit, the skirt, the length etc. Would the material be suitable i.e. a wedding abroad would need a light fabric or a wedding in the winter might need long sleeves or a shawl? After spending several hours in my own little bubble pinning and thinking about my wedding, I had built up my actual dream dress and what I know would be comfortable in. The hardest part is now, trying to find this dress.
Not one bridal shop had the dress I liked, or the dress that was in my head. I often found that the bridal shop assistants are so snobby and they would put you in the biggest, puffiest, ugliest dress if it meant that they got a sale – even though it looked vile on you. I don’t think many of the bridal shops I found actually cared about what you wanted, how you felt or how you looked in the dress.
Thankfully for me, my guardian angel mother came to the rescue and introduced me to her friend’s son actually had his own brand designing and making dresses. From bollywood style dresses, to prom dresses, to formal dresses and of course wedding dresses. I just knew I had to meet him! I decided to have my dress made, with the style that I wanted, the material I liked and best of all it was bespoke to me. No matter what it would fit me perfectly as it was made for my measurement, and no other person would have the same wedding dress – result!
Without waffling too much about my experience with Gurtej, Designer at GurtLamorous (which was pretty perfect by the way) I would definitely recommend spending time to think about why you like a particular dress and style, start to think about the little details, is it the lace? Is it the beading or the neckline? Once you have your ideal dress in mind you can now start searching for your perfect dress. Be sure to make sure you book, way in advance, at a few bridal shops to try on a range of dresses to suit your style. Once you have found the style you like, ask to see ones similar or that may have similar features as in neckline, material until you find the perfect dress – even if you think you have found the perfect dress, keep trying on dresses as then you will be sure that the perfect dress IS the perfect dress. Or if you are struggling to find your perfect dress and fancy having it made, and are local to Leicester or willing to travel, then contact Gurtej as I am sure he will be happy to make the dress of your dreams.
So my tips to you:
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You can never try on to many dresses! In the end, this is your big day and you want to feel, well how you want to feel. You deserve to feel amazing, you deserve for all eyes to be on you and deserve the dress of your dreams! Book in with as many bridal boutiques as you can and spend all day trying them on if you like, but don’t stop until you get that butterfly feeling in your tummy that this is the one – when you know, you will know. So if you don’t get that feeling, don’t stop the search!
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Never, give a smaller size! Yes we all want to slim down for our wedding and want to be feeling our best, but try not to push yourself. Get the dress fitted or ordered in your current size, remember when you have your fittings you can always take it in to be perfect for the day, but you don’t want to aim too small and not get there (and I am not saying you won’t) but I know a few people who had their dress ordered one size smaller and have now had to order a new dress for their wedding as they didn’t manage to get to that smaller size, so just give yourself a break - regardless you will look beautiful.
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Even though you will have a style in mind, don’t be afraid to try on dresses that you don’t necessarily like. You might just surprise yourself, the dress that I picked and chose was nothing like any of my styles – in fact it was the complete opposite! But its perfect. Trying on a variety of styles could mean you surprise yourself and have new potential options for your dress, or it will help you make a decision that the style you feel comfortable with and love, really is perfect for you! It’s a win-win situation!
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Wedding dress shopping is about YOU and only you, yes your family and friends may be there and have opinions but it's your day and it's your choice! The whole experience should be exciting and should be about you, sadly I never had the whole trying on dresses, sipping champagne with my friends but make sure you do! It’s all about you, it’s your day and you are paying for it and some Brides forget that it’s about them. The dress is also about you! So don’t worry too much about whether your family or friends think when you have picked a dress to try on, if they don’t like it who cares? Just try it on anyway and make a decision for yourself. Something made you like that dress in the first place right? And if you don’t like it, well you can have a giggle with your friends whilst they say “I told you so”
If you are planning your wedding and in search of your dream dress, then remember to enjoy the whole experience! It is rather magical. Good luck and happy shopping! 
How did you choose your perfect Wedding Dress? What tips do you have when searching for a Wedding Dress?

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