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by - Friday, September 11, 2015

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Yes I know I am British and should therefore use the word ‘Autumn’, but I just love using the word fall. Probably because I often feel like I should be an American, for many reasons but the main being is – I really do love fall. American’s celebrate this season with passion and I’d kill to be a part of it (not literally, don’t worry) all the houses decorated in lovely orangy-browns, crunchy leaves falling from tree’s, drinking of pumpkin spiced latte’s and sitting in front of cosy log fires. Okay, so maybe I’ve watched too many movies and really it’s not like that in reality, but a girl can dream!

Autumn or Fall for ya’ll Americans, is by far my favourite fashion season! I just love everything about cosy jumpers, fluffy socks, leather boots, suede skirts. The list is endless! I have narrowed it down to share with you my favourite Autumn/Fall items you’ll need this season for you to get Fall Fashion ready!


Probably NOT the best season to wear suede as it normally - almost all the time – rains in the UK and we all know suede and water do not mix. But they just look oh so pretty! Whatever your budget and style, make sure you pick up some suede boots this season. They go with almost every outfit from lazy jeans, to oversized jumpers, skirts and even dresses! You just can’t go wrong. My favourite are my pointed suede boots with a chunky heel from Next, I was lusting after these all last Autumn but I just didn’t have the money for them (ya’no, wedding comes first) but when I received a VIP invite to the Next sale and saw these for £35 instead of £70 so I just couldn't refuse. Sadly they are not in re-stocked this year but I am also currently lusting after these rounded toe ankle boots.


I know, you may be thinking “that’s so last year” but I kid you not Camel Coats are back in again this year. Camel is one of those autumn colours that just doesn’t go out of fashion and you can wear with every colour under the sun. If you didn’t grab one last year (don’t worry I didn’t either) then you may be within a little more luck this year, as not only has half the female population already purchased one but the majority of stores are now stocking Camel Coats in a variety of styles and budgets – win! I am currently lusting after a few but my favourite pick is this boyfriend style coat from New Look, and its only £29.99!


You wouldn't be a proper autumn lover or fashionista if you didn’t own at least one wool floppy hat. Speaking for myself (and probably the majority of the UK) floppy hats are so expensive, I’ve seen some retailers sell these from £8 all the way up to £45 – for a flaming hat – and they all look the same to me. I have a floppy hat in 3 colours (camel, burgundy and black) so far, and I bought all three YES all three for less than £10. Bargain. And truthfully, the quality is AMAZING. Not really your “Zara” quality but definitely New Look or Rivs quality. I plan to buy a few more colours this year, I mean for less than £3 each you can’t really go wrong. So go on ladies, knock yourself out! It’s basically guilt free shopping.


Call me old fashioned but I love a good shawl. I feel so lady like wearing one. I love wearing them with dresses and tights and pretty heeled boots, or even over a pair of jeans and a top when I am “slumming it” but they keep you so warm and look so much nicer than a baggy jumper (although, I do love a good jumper) I have picked up quite a few shawls now as they are just the cutest throw overs or accessories for AW, from full poncho shawls or to the shawls that you will wear over a polo neck or even a pashmina style shawl that you whip on over a blouse I just love them all.


Okay so maybe that sounded a little childish but I don’t actually know what the “proper” term is for thick tights? You know those super thick ones your mum’s used to make you wear as a child that came in a variety of colours and prints? Yup, those badboys! Seriously though, I love them. Perfect to complete any autumn skirt/dress outfit and they also keep you cosy. Primark have – by far – got the best thick tights ever. They do a range of every denier you can think of, they also do super soft tights (which are my favourite, its like cotton wool on the inside) and they even do fleece lined tights/leggings – uhoh! In tight heaven over here. They also come in every colour and with lots of different patterns and for only about £2.50 per pair. Get stocking! Get it? Did you like my pun there? Okay it was pants. Sadly you can;t shop online at Primark so here's my favourite alternative.


Oh, skirts. How you steal my heart! I absolutely love different types of skirts in Autumn. Completed with a pretty blouse, tights and boots and you’re ready to go. Leather and suede skirts are a key piece to have in your wardrobe this season (and this beauty ticks both boxes!). Especially in camel, burgundy and black - obvs. I also love patterned skirts and skirts with different textures, the possibilities are endless! You can wear them with a nice shirt and heels for a “business” look, or with a fancy top for a more dressy look and even wearing a casual t-shirt and trainers. Whatever your style; leather, suede and patterned skirts are a must this season.


If you don’t already own a leather jacket, then you need to have serious words with yourself. A black leather jacket will complete any outfit, whether it be a pretty dress, a jump suit, casual jeans, or even business attire. A leather jacket just goes. And will give your outfit that edgy but oh so chic look. I admit, some leather jackets can be ridiculously overcharged, if you want to invest in a jacket to last a lifetime then there are some beauties about, but you can also stay cheap but still be chic!


Just your normal shirt/blouse, but oversized. I just love them! They are very French, very chic and so easy to wear. Shove one on with a pair of ripped jeans, brogues and a floppy hat and you have a cute outfit. Wear them with leggings and boots for a casual look. Or even dare to bare and wear them with just a pair of your favourite heels. Ooh la la. Whether a plain or printed shirt, just make sure its oversized (if you can’t find an oversized style, then just buy in a couple sizes bigger and roll the sleeves) and you’re ready to go.


Polo? Turtle? Polo? Turtle? I don’t actually know the difference, which is quite bad seems I am sharing “fashion” advice in this post. I am guessing the turtle is the one with the little roll over and polo is full blown rolled neck? Either way, STOCK UP. A beautiful little style that you need to have in your wardrobe. In every colour. Ribbed and non ribbed. They are just so effortless and easy to wear, you can be as over or as under dressed as you want. Primark are my amazing for polo necks as they sell them for about £4-8 each, from t-shirt material to ribbed cotton to jumpers. Worn with a leather jacket or a shawl and you are ready for Autumn.


With the autumn winds slowly creeping around the corner, our little fingers can get cold whilst on the way to work, shopping or just when us bloggers are standing in the cold taking photos of ourselves. What better way than to keep warm and still look stylish than a pair of cute leather gloves. I picked mine up from John Rocha at Debenhams and mine are a simple black leather with a cute – lace effect – cut out across the wrist area. I am currently lusting after some of the half-hand gloves where the top of your hand is cut out but the glove is fixed with a button. Worn with leather trousers for a #leatheronleather look are you are on a roll!

Now all you need on top of the above, is a PSL in your hand and you are fully styled for autumn. (Honestly, I can’t wait until they are back in bucks’ as they are my absolute faveeeee) If you are savvy, you will be able to pick up most if not all of the above items pretty cheap. I am currently loving eBay for clothes after seeing so many people showing off their purchases. Even buying brand new on eBay, there are hundreds of sellers that stock these items pretty cheap. Just note the lengthy delivery timescales if ordering from outside the UK as you don’t want to order something for next weekend’s outfit and it never arrives.

What items do you love to wear in Autumn/Fall? Do you have any ‘must have’ items that I have missed?

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  1. i've seen some beautiful shawls in Dorothy Perkins and in Tesco (of all places), I'm definitely going to get myself one, even if it is at the risk of my husband asking why i'm wearing a picnic blanket haha

    I'm loving suede this season too!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Haha my fiancé is the same but they are just perfect this season :)

      I am going to have a look at DP and Tesco then, hehe!

      Charlotte Elizabeth xo

  2. I love boots and cosy jumpers. Also shawls. They are practically a wearable blanket. Whats not to like. And beanies because then I don;t have to actually do anything with my hair and no one knows
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise