Holiday: Hand Luggage Essentials

by - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Location: Javea, Spain // Photo Taken by: Bonny at Bonny's Wonderland
I don’t know about you, but I love travelling. I love the excitement of arriving at an airport ready to go to an exciting destination. I have just about got into the swing of what things I need in my hand luggage to keep me entertained and to make my travel a little more comfortable, so I thought I’d share my hand luggage essentials to help make your travel a little more enjoyable too.

If you like to have a little snooze on the plane - which I can never do, not matter how tired I am – then a sleep mask is what you need! Not only does it make everything really dark but it stops you feeling as self-conscious about people looking at you whilst your sleeping (yes people actually do that) I never go to sleep without a sleep mask as I just think they are so relaxing, especially with the fancy ones you get nowadays. Whatever your style you will find one to suit you, they have manly ones, cute ones, frilly ones or pretty ones. You can also get masks with a cooling gel inside to relax your tired eyes, ones that make you relax that are filled with beautiful scents and fresh lavender – my favourite! – and even ones that practically cover your whole face for the ultimate relaxing sleep. Bliss!
I am usually the one sat shivering on the plane because I forgot to pack a cardigan or scarf to put round my neck. Even though you turn off your little overhead air conditioning, you are always the one sat near a group of passengers that have all theirs on whilst wrapped up in their little jackets and scarfs. Grr! Its only recently that I have actually started packing a cardigan but then my fiancé is sat there shivering so I now need to start packing one for him too. I hope he reads this post so he can remember for himself! Haha.
The obvious. But I mean change just in case you fancy one of the delicious coffee’s or freshly brewed tea’s (note the sarcasm) but despite them often being very yucky, you just need a brew to get you through that flight! So change will be your best friend, as sometimes they won’t accept larger notes so make sure you keep some pennies on you. I always recommend keeping some change in both English money and Euros just in case I need a little extra, or if I need a drink or something when I land.
I don’t think I can fly without listening to music, even if I don’t want to listen to it I usually just pop my headphones in and listen to music just to stop my ears from popping! Before you fly, check your headphones to make sure they work and to make sure they are comfortable – as I hate those Apple headphones as they are too big for my ears and really hurt, ouch! – if need be, carry a couple pairs if you can so you can swap over. I’ve started taking my Beats by Dre, not only are they really comfortable but I also look ghetto (init).
The good thing about airports is, that if you forget a book or magazine you can always pick one up to get you through your flight. I always take my Kindle Fire HD because not only can I store hundreds and thousands of booked (not that I have that many on there) but you can also play games to keep you entertained. If you’re taking a kindle or tablet, just make sure you download all your books and games beforehand as they usually require wifi to download, and you don’t want to be bored on a long haul flight. 
Okay, may sound a little weird but hear me out. Sometimes I can feel clammy and dirty when getting off a plane and these little beauties are perfect for your hand luggage to wipe over tired eyes, get rid of any sticky stuff off your hands and generally just freshen up. Not only that, but I also hate using the toilet paper on a plane as its resembles cardboard. Another clean up essential is hand sanitiser, I probably have an OCD as I usually lather myself in the stuff but I hate feeling dirty and like I have a million germs on my hands – okay I definitely sound like I have issues – but if you just think about how many people are in the contained plane space, sneezing and coughing or touching things so I just like to carry a miniature in my bag at all times just to freshen up and make me germ free.
Always travel in comfy clothes. You can still make them look stylish but wear something that is loose fitted and comfortable, I love travelling in flowy dresses or palazzo pants as these can be styled well and will be comfy for the duration of the flight. If the weather is a little cooler I’ll wear stretch cotton jean style trousers and a loose fitted top. When going to hot countries, I completely avoid wearing anything like socks and boots (as my little tootsies get too warm) or jeans. Jeans is just a no, no as I feel to restricted and they just irritate me when worn for too long.
Gotta have that celeb vibe when strutting your stuff through the airport. I always religiously have a pair of sunnies in my handbag, so they will definitely be coming with me in my hand luggage. If flying in the day and you are sat next to that annoying person - who insists on having the window open even though they can clearly see the sun is blinding you – then you can whip out your shades and return to your relaxing flight. I say, the bigger the better with sunglasses! And for planes, the darker the lens the better too as it means you can be nosy without people noticing. Whoops, naughty I know but admit it, us Brits love to be nosy and love people watching.  
“Freshen up, freshen up. Come on ladies, freshen up” My nightlife peoples will know what I mean! Often when travelling I just feel hot and bothered and a little bit gritty. I am tired or exhausted or irritated because little things are annoying me and my make-up has been on most of the day, which is now starting to irritate me. To cool down and freshen up, I carry a mini spritz in my bag. My two faves are the Liz Earle Skin Tonic Spritz, the 30ml is only £6 and is a perfect travel miniature. I also spray some on my finger and dab a little under my eyes or on my eyelids when they are feeling tired. I also love the La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water as this is a gentle mist that cools you down without leaving you with a wet face. However, I think that’s its only benefit as I don’t really use it for much else.
Concealer. Powder. Lip balm. The three things you need in your hand luggage (remember to keep them all under 100ml if liquids). Especially after a long haul flight, you’ll need to freshen up and hide any bags or tired skin. Maybelline Anti Age The Eraser is my go to under eye concealer, it’s just amazing I can’t rave about it enough. A little dab under your eyes and a pat with your fingers and your dark circles are gone and your eyes instantly look brighter. I always carry MAC Studio Fix Powder around with me as this has great coverage without being too heavy, apply over tired skin to give an even flawless finish without being too cakey. Lip balm is just a must, if you’re like me then your lips will completely dry out on a plane. I don’t know if its that darn air conditioning or just because you’ve had a long day but my lips go very dry. Clinique’s Lip Treatment is my ultimate favourite lip balm, it is small and compact and has a beautiful creamy texture but is applied clear without looking too glossy. My lips instantly feel hydrated and nourished, if you are to buy any lip balm, then get this as it’s really worth the money.
You’d be surprised, but you will need this! I have arrived at my destination before, with zero battery and needing to get hold of someone. Not only that, my satnav had died mid-flight so I basically had to guess my whole way to south Spain from Alicante airport. If you’re with EE you may have managed to pick up a free rechargeable battery pod, if so these are perfect for travelling as will give your phone a new lease of life just when you need it. If not, you can pick these up really cheap from eBay and other places – just make sure you charge it and check it works before you go!
Free space? What is this you ask? Well, you wouldn’t be going on holiday if you didn’t pick up a few cheeky purchases in duty free. Although you usually get a bag with your purchase, leaving some extra room in your hand luggage means that you are not carry around loads of bags and it means everything is in one place.
What are your travel tips? Will you be using any of these tips for your next travel?

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