How to Survive in Heels

by - Saturday, September 19, 2015

Heels, such a wonderful creation to make your legs longer and you feel amazing. But they hurt. I often find, the more expensive the shoes, the more they hurt. Weird, as you’d think they would be more comfortable, I mean what are you paying all that money for? Truth is, however much I love my oh so pretty Louboutin’s, I very much hate them! (Honestly, if you're a size 3 and want to buy them, message me!) They are like devil shoes, they just hurt your feet too much so they just spend most of their time in a box. More recently, I have found a few tricks that help me wear my CL’s a lot more than I do, and has helped me wear them through the night (albeit, still not all night). 
But not just any plasters, but a Compeed plaster! (the silicone effect ones that are basically invisible)They are amazing! Any slight rubbing of shoes, these bad boys will save your life. Whenever I wear new shoes I always put these on, the plasters last forever – literally forever, my mum had left them on for a week before by accident - they don’t come off even when in the bath!). These plasters are also great to put over the skin when you get a blister as they just stop any rubbing and stop the blister from forming a bubble. Whatever the shoe, just pop some of these in your bag.
Leather look heel insoles are also a god send, and I’ll tell you why. Sometimes you get those shoes that no matter how many times you’ve worn them, they just rub and rub your feet until you want to cry. Asda and Boots sell these amazing little sticky pads that are oval shaped (like a plaster) look a little like a soft leather/suede and are filled with big cushions. These stick to the inside of the shoe at the top of the heel (near your Achilles heel) not only do they stop your shoes slipping if they are a little loose, but they stop blisters and stop rubbing. WOOHOO!
To help ease the pain on the balls of your feet when wearing your shoes, get a good pair of insoles. Don’t bother with those sticky gel pad things as I think they are completely naff and just slide about, oh so attractive! Primark – weirdly enough – do some amazing insoles, they are smaller than a normal insole with a sticky back to secure the insole to your shoe (but you don’t have to use this as I don’t). They are around £1.50-£2.50 each but are made with memory foam cushions under the balls of your feet and heels. They are an absolute dream.
Okay, before you judge. Hear me out. If you have seen those cooling pads that you pop on your head when you have a really bad migraine, just go out and buy a box. Just go with it, and trust me on this. Then next time you are out “partying hard” and dancing the night away, when you come home – even when totally sozzled – try and remember to whip out a migraine strip, cut to size and place on the balls of your feet whilst you sleep. When you wake up your feet will feel like brand new feet. You are then heel ready all over again to slip on your favourite court shoes to go shopping. Uhuh, you heard this here first! Thank me later.
To save your little tootsies, always keep a pair of flats in your car. Quickly switching into a pair of ballet shoes when driving will do your feet the world of good. They give your feet a break without adding any more tension from driving, so it means you can wear your heels for longer! It’s also a lot safe as you are less likely to get your heel stuck under your pedal (yes, I was told horror stories as a young teenager to stop me potentially having an accident).
This isn’t to say your feet aren’t looking their best, but according to people who know a lot about feet. Having regular pedicures can help prevent your shoes from hurting, for example removing any unwanted hard skin will make your feel so much more softer and strangely enough can relieve tension on your feet. Also, having regular pedicures can ensure your tootsies are filed properly preventing any hard skin or ingrowing toe nails which will stop your toes from pinching in heels and will stop any added pressure. Any excuse for a pedi ey!

Voila! You are now ready to tackle your favourite heels without worrying about how much they are going to hurt! I hope these tips are helpful, let me know how you get on and also feel free to drop a comment with your tips for wearing heels to #spreadthelove.

*Disclaimer, Images in this post are sourced from Pinterest.

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  1. I struggle so much with heels, I literally only have 1 or 2 pairs that I can cope with but I usually make sure they're black so they go with everything. I much prefer boots with a heel so there's something to support my foot but overall i'm much more of a handbag girl than shoes anyway :)

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I love boots with heels, I think they are so much more comfortable than wearing heels. But heels look so pretty haha.

      Charlotte Elizabeth xo