Holiday: Beauty Preparation

by - Monday, October 12, 2015

Okay so I admit, this post might be a little “late” in some eyes seems Summer is well and truly over but there may be a few of you who are still planning a late Autumn break to escape the cold, wet British weather by jetting off to somewhere nice and hot. Likewise, I am off on my jollies - and to get married – within next couple weeks, so I thought I would help by sharing with you my pre-holiday beauty preparation.

Before you tell me off for promoting the use of sunbeds, hear me out! I have really pale sensitive skin and I am prone to heat rash and to the occasional sunburn. I spoke to a therapist at my local beauty salon before going on who recommended me to go on around 3-6 minutes per week for about 4 weeks before going on holiday. Using sunbeds (reasonably of course) can just help your skin get used to the heat. If you are after having a pre-holiday tan then this amount of minutes wouldn’t work, but it would help prepare your skin to hopefully prevent you from getting heat rash and/or burning so much.
Probably speaking for myself, but I hate shaving on holiday. You need to do it too often and its just so annoying. Having a wax will help keep those hairs away whilst you enjoy your holiday. I prefer having a mobile therapist come to my house the week before I go away, so my skin has time to return to normal. If you decide to be waxed before you go on holiday, be sure to exfoliate your skin a few times (across a week or so) pre-wax and pick up some body cream with aloe vera in to help soothe and heal your skin post-wax.
Yes they make you lovely and brown before you go away, but if you plan to go in a pool or the sea then your tan will no longer be a tan and instead you will be patchy, flaky and probably orange. There’s nothing worse than being in the nice hot sun and your fake tan starts peeling off because its coming to the end of its lifespan. Instead just stick to a gradual tanning body cream (the Dove one is pretty good) or sunbathing the normal way.
I’d be damned if you ever saw me without a manicure or pedicure, especially on holiday! If you are a girly-girl like me or just like having nice nails, then I know I won’t be speaking for myself when I say having your nails done is a must have essential before you go on holiday. Whether you have a pretty polish, have shellac/gel nails or even acrylics, you’ll be getting it done. I religiously match my hands to my toes, it’s like a rule in my mind and about 2/3 days before I go away I pop down to my local nail salon and have my nails and toes done, I usually have acrylics on my nails for holiday as I just find they last longer, even though I have them really short and natural looking. Don’t worry, I don’t have acrylics on my toes, but I will match the polish to my hands, just so they are perfect for holiday.
Blondies, I really wouldn’t recommend using a blonde dye before you go abroad - especially if you plan to go in the pool – as you wouldn’t want your hair to go a horrible colour and result in you having to wear a hat for the rest of your holidays. If you are a dark-haired girl then it’s not so bad dying your hair before you go on holiday. However I would recommend trying to stick to a bleach/peroxide free colour and get ‘your hair did’ about a 10-14 days before you go away. Regardless of your hair colour, dying your hair will actually dry your hair out, so be sure to use a good natural repairing conditioner and/or a hair oil to strengthen your hair and to also ensure your hair remains healthy.
Before I go abroad, I always pop into Boots and pick up a few miniature beauty products. Boots more or less always have 3 for 2 offers on beauty miniatures. I always pick up a shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant, body lotion and toothpaste. I love miniature beauty products and they last me at least a couple of days when abroad (until I go to the shops to buy more) or sometimes can last the full holiday. These little miniatures are also perfect for travelling abroad, even if going with just hand luggage as they are usually under 100ml. I also always pop into Lush to pick up a small shower gel/body wash as they smell amazing and are also perfect size for travelling.
Are you going away before the end of this year? What is your pre-holiday beauty prep?

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