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by - Friday, October 02, 2015

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I often get people (even friends) take the “mickey” out of my blog. Some people think writing about whatever you want in your spare time, somewhere on the web is daft. And it may well be, but it’s my choice and I’d much rather be sharing my thoughts on my little space on the web than socialising with negative people. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

I initially started my blog in 2011 as I just love writing and I loved the thought of joining a new community, meeting new friends and sharing my passion with the world. After receiving a lot of anonymous abuse on my blog, I decided to stop. I don’t know why I let these people bother me, but it did. I just wasn’t as strong back then as I am now. I had re-started my blog in 2013 as it really helped me escape and get away from the difficult times me and my partner was going through (he was in hospital for around 260 days of 2013 and was put forward to be added to the double lung transplant list) but my blog was actually kept a secret from family and friends. The only people who knew about my blog was my fiancé and my mum as they really supported me and my blog. I was too afraid to share my blog with the world and with anyone else as I didn’t want to go through receiving abusive comments again.

You could say that I “manned up” - as my fiancé likes to often tell me when I am a wimp – as all of a sudden it hit me. Why am I afraid of peoples opinions? Why am I afraid what people will think for doing something that I want to. What gives anyone the right to say that they can’t do something they love? (Unless of course it’s illegal then the Police could tell you off) so one evening, I just decided to not only share my blog, but share it being written by me rather than an anonymous writer. I created a Facebook page as well as sharing my blog on Twitter, Instagram and all other social media she-bang and there you have it. Charlotte Elizabeth Blog was live in the big wide world.

Okay, the point of this post isn’t to have a rant about the past. But to share with you what blogging means to me and why I love it. So here goes…


Isn’t it just exciting that you all can all own your own little space on the web. Where you can just escape from the world and you can literally write and post whatever you want, whenever you want. There are no rules (except maybe from the tinterweb Police) and its just yours. I love having a safe haven - for when I am feeling overwhelmed, upset or anxious – where I can just go to relax, write down my thoughts and its just mine. My own space.


When first starting out as a Blogger – if you could even call me that back then – I was completely oblivious to the full extent of the community. The more you get involved on social media and with your blog, the more you find likeminded people who are also creating their little space in the world. With all the Twitter chats, Facebook forums and general networking, I have met some amazing people who – despite never meeting some – have such a connection with. It’s so lovely to meet readers and other bloggers from all over the world, and just click.


Not only is blogging my favourite hobby, but it is a hobby that has turned into many opportunities for me and my little blog. Like most bloggers, we all dream of turning our little space on the web into a full time business – sadly for me, my dream is yet to come true – but my little blog that started as just a hobby (and is still a major hobby of mine) has gave me a huge confident boost and has opened up to so many opportunities that can hopefully lead to a future career.


Okay, confidence isn’t something that blogging really means to me, but it’s something that has naturally increased since starting my little ol’ blog. I have always been somewhat of a shy person (unless you get to know me) albeit I often put this cheeky-banter front that makes me appear confident but really I am just a kitten. I have really bad social anxiety which means I get really anxious sometimes about social situations. I love my friends and I love socialising with them, but when it comes to going out (especially at functions) I get really anxious. I don’t even know what about but I get really bad butterflies and get really panicky and it’s stopped me going to functions where I don’t really know people, so I try just to avoid it completely. Blogging has helped me ever so slightly to overcome this but I have been more confident to attend Press Events and Launches – albeit I still suffer from bad anxiety so I always take someone with me to put me at ease – but a few years ago I would have never done anything like this.


Blogs and Blogging puts me in a really good mood. Not only do I really enjoy rambling to anyone – or maybe not anyone – about anything I want, but I also find it extremely therapeutic. Just writing down my thoughts (and not necessarily posting them) or reading my favourite blogs goes very far in making me feel less upset or anxious and just generally making me feel relaxed. It’s a place where anyone can be, say what they want and just be happy.

Why do you love blogging? If you are not a blogger and are thinking about setting up a blog then go for it! Write your heart out.

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