Christmas at Lush

by - Saturday, November 21, 2015

Halloween and Bonfire night is officially over which means one thing, it's time for Starbucks Red Cups and Lush's Christmas collection. Every year, I say that I am going to pick up the new collection of bath products and every year I end up leaving it so late that some either sell out or I just completely forget. Bad blogger I know. But this year, I just happened to be in my local town centre the weekend that the Lush Christmas collection had been release - horray to me - as this means that I managed to get my hands on a few goodies from this years range. Happy Charlotte. 

Who doesn't love a good lip scrub? Especially this time of year when our luscious lips need them the most. After I tried the sample given to me in store, I just had to have it. Damn you sales executives. Not only does this lip scrub taste like cherry cola and have pretty hearts inside buttttt they are edible! Yum yum. If you're lips tend to get dry in Autumn/Winter, then you need a Lush lip scrub and not any old lip scrub but Santa's lip scrub to encourage those mistletoe kisses. 

You must have seen the latest craze with charcoal toothpaste or coal paste to clean your teggies and now Lush has released some toothy tabs that you chew to dissolve and then clean your teeth with - basically like toothpaste. Ingredients include gunpowder tea and charcoal as well as sea salt, aniseed and black pepper. According to Lush the overall taste is a little like spicy cola but I am yet to try these yet so I'll keep you posted, however I am hoping that these will be really good at keeping my teeth clean, white and bright during the festive season.

I am a sucker for bath bombs so regardless of which one it is, if its from Lush I'll 99.99% guarantee that I'll love it. The luxury lush pud will leave your bath filled with lavender scented foam whilst releasing lavender oil to relax you, and add moisture to your skin. Great news, if you have children then Lush say this is perfect for the little 'uns too. Enjoy.

So good you could eat it! Seriously, Not only does this bath bomb release soya milk powder and shea butter creating beautiful creamy bubbly water that smells like toffee. Mmmm. Be warned, if you're a male and using this then it does fill your tub full of gold shimmer so you may not want to use this before you go out - unfortunately for my pops, he didn't realise and used this before he went to work! whoops.

Sorry to be weird but doesn't the name of this remind you of that weird creepy show on YouTube with the Unicorn? "Let's go to Candy Mountain Charlie". No? Just me. Okayyyyy. Let's get back on topic. Candy Mountain is a bubble bar. And Charlotte loves bubble bars. Not only are they really reasonably priced but they last ages. Candy Mountain has to be my latest favourite as it dyes your bath pink whilst filling your tub with vanilla creamy bubbles. Just perfection.

Another bubble bar! Santa is made of strawberry, bergamot and geranium oils as well as cocoa butter which creates lots of luscious red fruity bubbles. Only thing I don't really understand about peeping santa is that it actually has chocolate drop eyes? For the bath? Maybe I am supposed to eat it during my relaxing evening in the tub. Who knows. Still love a bubble bar though.   

What would a Lush Christmas haul be without the Christmas Snow Fairy. This shower gel is candy floss scented and can be doubled up to use as a shampoo to make your hair smell amazing too. Not only is this shower gel bright pink but it also leaves the yummy candy floss scent on your skin for hours. If there's one thing you buy after this haul (if you haven't already) is to try Snow Fairy, and if you love it as much as I do, make sure you stock up before it's gone for another year!

What Lush goodies have you got your eyes on this year? If you have any recommendations of products that I have missed, then drop a comment below.

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