Holiday: Overnight Bag Essentials

by - Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Whether you are going on a weekend away, travelling with work or stopping at your friends for a cosy sleepover you are going to need an overnight bag filled with your essentials to help make your stay more comfortable. I am a complete worrier when it comes to stopping somewhere, what if I don’t pack the right things, or what happens if I forget something? So I decided to share with you a list that I follow when packing an overnight bag.

Regardless of whether you are stopping at your boyfriends, friends or on your own. Cute pyjama’s is a must. I hate sleeping in anything but cute, pretty or comfy jim-jams. I don’t know why but they just make me feel so much better and make me feel so cosy when sleeping. Seriously, when it comes to PJ’s I am a complete hoarder. My fiancé tells me off as I am forever buying new PJ’s as I already have a whole drawer dedicated to this beloved item of clothing, but some of my cute shorts-and-baggy-tee’s sets are from Primark and my prettier, more cosy ones are from Next, albeit Next PJ’s are about £30 they last year’s so it’s definitely worth the money.  
What would cute PJ’s be without fluffy socks or cute slippers to match? Exactly. I don’t know about you, but I hate staying in a hotel or at someone elses house without fluffy socks or slippers, I hate the feeling of other floors on my feet. I also would hate the thought of borrowing someone else’s socks or slippers if my feet were all of a sudden to become freezing cold. So always pack a pair, just in case! Primark seriously have the best cute fluffy socks or fluffy ballerina slippers, which are also perfect for rolling or popping into your bag.
Even at home, I can’t sleep without a sleep mask. Even if you have the worlds darkest bedroom I couldn’t sleep there without my sleep mask. I don’t know why but I just feel so much more relaxed (and so much more like Blair Waldorf) when I wear a sleep mask. I am currently lusting after one of the Aromatherapy Associates eye masks as they are just heavenly but whilst I am on a budget I’ll stick to my pretty and soft ones from Primark, eBay or cute one’s from lingerie shops (non kinky, obvs).
My biggest pet hate is sleeping with make-up on, it’s just ewww. Even after a wild night out, the first thing I do when I get home (after raiding the fridge of course) is taking my lashes, and layers of make-up off. I have religiously used Liz Earle since I was about 15 and that ain’t about to change, even after countless cocktails. When travelling, I love the mini Liz Earle products. Liz Earle have a male and female travel skincare set that will have everything you need to remove any make-up and dirt, clean your face and just make you feel that whole lot fresher. Although the sets are about £20 each, they do last a while and are the perfect size to pop in your travel bag.
First thing on a girls “essentials” list is make-up, because (if you’re like me) then god forbid would you go out without packing your make-up. The other essentials include toothbrush and toothpaste, obviously. If you are a light or delicate sleeper like me, I always take a sleeve of Nytol Herbal sleeping tablets. Don’t worry these are not heavily medicated and won’t put you into a sleep-coma, but they do help you have a “deeper” night’s sleep so if you are staying in a hotel (or at a friends who have children) then these are a must. Also - when I don’t forget - I try to take earplugs, especially when staying in a hotel where there may be background noises from other rooms or in the corridors then earplugs will be your best friend. I pick mine up from eBay which you can buy a multipack for a couple of quid.
I absolutely hate being without a phone. So the most important electrical item is your phone charger, I also pack my portable re-charging device thingy which I make sure is fully charged too. This way, I am twice as unlikely to be without a phone. Phew. Panic over. If you are stopping in a hotel (or somewhere that might not have them) then don’t forget to pack a hair dryer and straighteners if needed. I can live without a hair dryer as my hair is so thick (and takes forever to dry) I make sure its freshly washed, dried and styled before I travel, however straighteners is a completely different story as if I didn’t take a pair then I would resemble Hagrid from Harry Potter. It’s not a good look.
What are your overnight travel essentials? Is there anything I have forgotten that you’d recommend I pack on my next trip?

*Disclaimer: Image Sourced from Pinterest

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