Wedding: A Lucky Sixpence in Your Shoe

by - Saturday, November 07, 2015

There are so many “wedding traditions” nowadays, I bet you don’t actually know what the history or meanings are of some traditions. The most familiar tradition you’d have heard is the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Lucky Sixpence in her shoe. Albeit most forget the sixpence element but it’s still the same. According to The Knot, this tradition is relating to an old English rhyme about objects for the bride to include in her wedding outfit or carry on her big day as good luck charms. Usually these tokens are given from your mother, sister or other relatives. Although its usually the maid of honour’s job to arrange this for you, it’s much more common now for brides to just get these themselves. If you are looking for ideas for a family member, friend or even yourself then look no further as I have a few ideas for you to hopefully suit every bride.


Something Old should be something that has been passed down your families generation, which represents continuity (or stability). I was lucky enough to be given a beautiful Chinese Jade ring which was passed down from my Nana after she sadly passed. It will be my most treasured item on my wedding day and I will feel so proud to wear it. If you are struggling for a few ideas for Something Old, and this might sound weird, but if you have a loved one or family member that has passed you might be able to get an item of clothing or a handkerchief and tie a piece of the fabric onto the underlay of your dress.


Something New can be anything that’s new, some traditions say that the only thing it can’t be is your wedding dress. Many grooms buy their bride-to-be a gift which can be used as your something new and the aim of something new is supposed to bring a hopeful future to the newlyweds. For my wedding, my something new is some diamond earrings that I was treated to, I’ve also wanted a nice pair of subtle diamond earrings especially to wear on my wedding day. Here are a few other ideas of Something New, just remember when buying something new, to not wear before the big day!

Whether it be a new pair of sparkly earrings, a pretty pearl bracelet, your bridal hair clip or a cute clutch bag to put your lippy in. As long as its new, it counts.

Try to think out of the box when thinking of something new, maybe treat yourself to a new lipstick or a pretty mirror to pop in your handbag? Buying something like this maybe more practical as you’d continue to use/enjoy it after the day.

There are many myths about not having shoes as your something new, but if you’ve bought them especially for your wedding day then it’s new and it counts. Sod myths.


The idea of Something Borrowed will not only make the lender a part of your special day but it symolises happiness. Kate Middleton had the ultimate borrowed accessory on her big day when the Queen lent her a beautiful vintage diamond tiara. Just wow. However much we’d like to have our mother-in-law to be to give us a diamond tiara, we probably won’t get that so instead why not look at something lovely to borrow off a close family member. Whether it be a dainty anklet lent from your mother (this is my something borrowed), a wedding veil from a family or friend or even a pretty brooch to attach to your gown. Anything someone has lent you will be special, embrace it.


I love the idea of Something Blue! I think it makes weddings a little more creative and quirky. Even if blue isn’t in your theme. However that’s not to say that you can’t make it look good. Something blue represents purity, love and faithfulness and even though I am not following “traditions” at our wedding, this little rhyme is something I will be following. There are so many creative ideas to implement a little blue something to your day. Release your inner Carrie Bradshaw and get some stunning blue shoes, the traditional Carrie blue shoes didn’t really go with my day. But Navy did, and Navy’s technically blue right? So that was me sold. If you don’t want as bold of a shoe colour, here are a few other ideas for you.

Most garters you’ll see nowadays will have a blue pearl or a blue ribbon on them. If your garter isn’t blue don’t panic it’s really easy to add a little ribbon or fabric to your garter.

Okay, I admit having a dainty or sheer dress may mean that having blue lingerie isn’t an option. But you may be able to add subtle pale blue beading or ribbon to your underwear.

Hidden Ribbon

I saw this idea on The Knot and I think it’s a super cute idea. Basically you get a little blue ribbon, make it into a bow and either pin or sew this to the inside of your dress. Viola! Cute, cheap and effective.

This is quite a popular option now for brides to be gifted or choose to wear an item of jewellery that has a blue stone, a blue charm or something blue in it.  

This idea was also seen on The Knot but I do this this is a really good idea, as its extremely popular to write your own vow’s why not write them on blue paper/card or with a pretty blue ink?


Okay, so there isn’t really an “alternative” to a lucky sixpence, as it is what it is. Although many cute shabby chic shops or wedding shops now stock sixpences in a variety of styles to suit everyone.

Did/Are you following this tradition at your wedding? What did/are you going to have as your Old, New, Borrowed & Blue?


*Image Sourced from Pinterest

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