How to Save Money this Christmas

by - Thursday, December 03, 2015

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Deck the halls with bells of holly, fala-lala-la-lala-la-la! (yes, I counted the la’s then). I love Christmas. Christmas is the time of year that I get stupidly excited for Christmas shopping with a Starbucks red cup in my hand. I just love everything about the festive season. The twinkling lights. Decorating your tree. Christmas music playing in every store. Snow (not that we get much snow) and the general happy atmosphere. Not to mention the copious amounts of baileys and cheese boards that I’ll end up indulging on from 1st December until New Year.

Although I love receiving presents, I am one of those socially awkward people who hate opening presents in front of people and often sneak into the corner to open them or open them when no-one is around, because I get really nervous opening presents. I much prefer giving presents at Christmas, as I love putting thought into a present and seeing that persons face when they open their gift - okay that sounds a little creepy but you get my drift. But, Christmas is expensive. When adding up the cost of presents, wrapping the presents, food and decorations it can burn a pretty big hole in your pockets. So why not be a little savvy this Christmas and save some pennies using my tips below.

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving handmade gifts too. Not only are they personal but someone has really put thought and effort into making you a gift. I love channelling my inner creative side by making some pretty handmade gifts, it could be anything from decorating a photo frame or making a scrapbook/photo collage of images present in a nice book. To save money this Christmas, release your creative monster and get crafting!
If you are buying multiple gifts for people, you are bound to find suitable gifts within a three for two offer. Boots and M&S have cracking Christmas (mind the pun – if that is a pun?) three for two offers to suit a variety of budgets. That means you can pick up some fabulous prezzies and basically get one free! The more gifts you buy, the more you have free. Yippee!  
Rewards cards are great to save some money when shopping this Christmas (and all year round in fact). Each year, I save up points on my rewards cards and use these towards food and presents at Christmas. Some of my favourites include Boots Advantage Card for Christmas presents, Nectar Card for food and a Christmas tipple, Debenhams Beauty Club to get money off beauty and fragrance items and M&S have just released their latest points card Sparks which gives you discount off in store purchases.
Before you say I am a cheap skate, hear me out! We all end up getting one (maybe two) gifts that you don’t end up using or maybe you don’t really like. Rather than wasting a gift, have you thought whether someone else would like that as a present? If so this is effectively a free way of giving a present. Of course, make sure it’s something that won’t go off by the time you give it like a food item but other than that you should be okay to recycle most gifts.
Who doesn’t love Boxing Day sales? I know I do. Even when I don’t buy anything, me and my best friend have religiously gone shopping each year on Boxing Day for probably the past 5 years. And yes before you ask, we are the ones who wake up and go at stupid o’clock. Although we usually avoid Next as we are cheeky and do it in advance online hehe. Anyway, back on topic. If you know or have an idea what you want to get someone for Christmas but you know that you won’t see them until a few days after Christmas then why not be savvy and see if you can pick up their present in the Boxing Day sales? If there is discount on their presents then woohoo you’ve saved some pennies, if not then you’ve not lost out on what you was planning to pay in the first place.

 I thought I'd leave you with a photo of my little Pepe in his Christmas PUG-ging outfit - you see what I did there ;)

What ways do you save money at Christmas? Will you be using any of my tips to help you save some pennies during the festive season?

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