What makes Christmas, Christmas.

by - Saturday, December 19, 2015

I am usually a little kid when it comes to thinking about Christmas. All the beautiful sparkling lights, listening to Christmas music and shopping for presents. Oh it’s just so magical. The one thing that would make my Christmas perfect, is to spend it in the big apple. If there’s one place in the world that really makes Christmas feel like Christmas, it’s New York and nothing would be more magical than spending Christmas in the mad busy city of NYE. Ohh a girl can dream. But for now, until that happens, it’s time to reflect on my favourite time of year and list a few of my favourite things.

Now, I may sound older than I am by saying this, but the Christmas songs that I really love are the classics by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Michael Bublé. Okay I know there is a huge difference, but Mr Bublé does sing the classics very well! Ooh dreamy. The classic’s like White Christmas and Have yourself a very Merry Christmas really get me in the mood for Christmas, and they whisk me off into a dream world where I pretend I am in the heart of New York listening to classical Christmas songs. Perfect.


On the build up to Christmas, brands are fighting for the top spot in being talked about. Whether it be an amazing gift with purchase or an epic beauty set on offer, the competition is HOT which is great for the marketing team at those companies as sales rapidly increase, it’s not so good for beauty hoarders like me who get sucked in at all the sparkly, beautifully presented beauty bargains but hey, it’s only Christmas once a year and I have been really good this year so I deserve to treat myself.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like receiving presents, because I do. Although I don’t like opening them in front of the givers, I still run and hide in the corner and squeal when I get something I love. Eek! But that’s not what we’re talking about here, oh no no no. I absolutely love with a passion carefully selecting and purchasing presents, wrapping them in super stylish wrapping paper and giving loved ones a gift that I know (or hope) that they’ll love. Don’t you get a real buzz from it too? I think it’s so magical.


Christmas would not be Christmas without decorations. How can you feel festive without having a big tree with lots of sparkly baubles filled with presents underneath. Oh it’s beautiful. Each year, I slightly change the theme of my tree by investing in new wonderful decorations, but each year I get super excited for the 1st December when it’s officially acceptable to pop up your tree, cover it in glitter and beautiful baubles and pop lots of beautifully wrapped presents under the tree. Magic.  


My husband hates me around Christmas as I insist on having a Yankee Candle on in every corner of every room. My house could pass as a YC shop. But oh well, it smells amazing. And god knows why he moans anyway when he says that he has no sense of smell.. Hmm! Christmas definitely wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas Baking candle in your kitchen, a Cinnamon Stick candle in your hallway and a Christmas Eve and Snow in Love candle in your lounge. Bliss.


This might sound a little cliché, but considering that Christmas is a time that should be spent with loved ones why wouldn’t I have family on my list? Growing up, my pops was hardly at home over Christmas as his job meant that he had to work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, NY Eve and NY Day so in our house, although my mom did a fantastic job at cooking Christmas dinner and making it as special as it could be, it just wasn’t the same. Now that my pops is close to retirement and is slowly starting to be able to have a few days off over Christmas, we are really taking advantage of him being home for Christmas by celebrating in style. Cheese boards. Cheesy Christmas movies. Fluffy socks. Card/Board games. Christmas Day online sale shopping. And Baileys. Lots of Baileys.

There are so many other Christmassy things that I could speak about but we would probably be here all day, but instead, why not drop a comment in the box below with what you love about Christmas?

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